What Are the Best Vitamins for a Hangover?

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A night of drinking beer, wine or hard liquor can cause a person to have a hangover the next morning. A person who has a hangover might feel lousy because of dehydration, headache, body aches and other symptoms. Taking vitamins for a hangover can be one way to help a person get over a hangover more swiftly. Vitamins can also be used to prevent hangovers. Some of the best vitamins for a hangover include vitamin B complex and vitamin C.

Vitamin C can help the liver process alcohol better. Taking a vitamin C tablet before or after a night of drinking can help a person who has a hangover. Consuming vitamins for a hangover should be done in moderation. A person should not consume more vitamin C tablets daily than what is directed on the package, or it might result in diarrhea or gas pains. Drinking a vitamin C-rich beverage such as orange juice the day after drinking liquor can also help replenish a person's body.


A person with a hangover may also respond well to vitamin B complex tablets. Vitamin B complex is an immune system booster, so it can help a person get over the lethargic feeling that comes along with a hangover. Taking vitamin B complex before going to bed can help a person who has had too much to drink wake up feeling better in the morning. If a person knows that he or she plans on drinking a lot of alcohol at a bar or a party, taking vitamin B in advance might also help prevent hangover symptoms.

Although taking vitamins for a hangover is one way to reduce the effects, people can try supplements as well. Milk thistle is a supplement that is often taken by people who have liver problems. Alcohol is metabolized through the liver, so taking milk thistle before a night of drinking can help the liver process the liquor better, reducing the chance of a hangover.

Dehydration is a main symptom of a hangover, so all the vitamins and supplements in the world cannot replace the positive effects of water. Hungover individuals should take their vitamins and supplements with a large glass of water. If a person would like to prevent a hangover, he or she should alternate each glass of wine or beer with a glass of water to help stay hydrated. Although vitamins, supplements and water can help reduce hangover symptoms, the only way a person can assure that he or she will not wake up with a hangover is to avoid getting drunk.


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Post 3

I think that some people use vitamins as an excuse to drink excessively. Vitamin B helps hangover symptoms, but it doesn't prevent liver damage. I don't think that any vitamin will prevent organ damage caused by alcohol abuse.

Post 2

I take a hangover vitamin when I party with friends. I take my vitamins with me. I first drink a large glass of water, have a full meal and then drink. After drinking, I take my vitamin with another glass of water. It has thirty some ingredients in it and it works like a charm. Even if I have to work the next morning, I wake up feeling great, without a headache or nausea.

People who drink regularly or who like to go overboard with their alcohol should definitely invest in a hangover vitamin.

Post 1

I buy these small vitamin shots to take for hangovers after a night of drinking. They contain milk thistle and B vitamins. I either have it before I go to bed or first thing in the morning. It helps alcohol leave my system and helps me recover faster.

I'm glad I found this supplement. Before, I used to drink vitamin water. Vitamin water works too, but I think this supplement works better because it's more potent. I agree with the article author about hydration though. Regardless of which hangover remedy is used, it has to be accompanied by lots of water.

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