What are the Best Vegan Fast Food Options?

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For meat-free alternatives, some popular vegan fast-food options to consider include salad choices, veggie burgers, seasoned potatoes and nachos. If the individual looks carefully, he or she may find a fast-food restaurant that has an entire menu dedicated to vegan recipes. Making healthy choices such as oatmeal for breakfast, or soy burgers topped with spinach and portabello mushrooms for lunch or dinner, could be a reality in some restaurants that cater to vegan tastes. For a vegan fast food dessert option, cherry or apple turnovers and fruit pies are common choices.

There are vegan breakfast menus in some of the well-known restaurant chains, in addition to the standard burger joints. A good option for a vegan fast food breakfast on a special-needs diet, might include a bagel. Options often include blueberry, cinnamon raisin or an 'everything' bagel, to name a few. Top it off with an all-vegetable spread if desired and there is a carbohydrate-rich energy food to help start the day. Alternately, a bagel can be teamed with jelly, jam or preserves.


Many restaurants offer all-natural fruit spreads that might consist of strawberry, blueberry or even grape. For those who prefer, a toasted English muffin is another popular vegan restaurant choice. As a side, hash brown potatoes — topped with ketchup or eaten plain — may be an option. There are some restaurants that feature oatmeal or grits as a vegan fast food breakfast selection as well. If desired, topping the oatmeal with swirls or jelly or some apple slices should be easily obtainable.

For a vegan lunch or vegan dinner fast-food style, consider soy burgers or vegetarian burgers. Veggie burgers have become extremely popular as gourmet vegan food. This is why many restaurants readily offer vegan fast food meatless patties that incorporate soy, protein and a host of nutritional vegetable products in their burgers.

Veggie burgers can be topped with ketchup, mustard as well as sautéed mushrooms. Some restaurants may feature dairy-free vegan cheese in various varieties, such as pepper jack, to top off the burger. A small side salad, with oil and vinegar and a baked potato can make the meal complete. For a vegan dessert, water ices or fruit sorbets can be a good choice. Other vegan fast food side choices can include onion rings, mashed potatoes or seasoned fries.

For those who prefer Mexican cuisine, there are several popular choices to select. Vegan fast food menu items might include nachos with guacamole dip, tortillas and chips, all of which make good appetizers. Veggie quesadillas and veggie burritos can be a good entrée choice. Salsa and refried beans can be an option to consider as a side dish to accompany the entrée as well.


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You should remember that just because food is vegan does not mean it has to be good for you. Some of the vegan fast foods such as the pies are not something you want to eat everyday or in large amounts period. One of the biggest problems you face with eating vegan is getting enough vegan protein without eating the same foods all the time.

Post 1

Keeping my weight where I want it can be a challenge sometimes. From time to time, I will try various diets to help me lose a few pounds. I just like to see which diets work. I'll start a diet with the plan of staying on it for several weeks or a month to see how it works.

Some of the diets work better than others. I usually choose them based on whether I think I can stick with them for the full time period and not fall off the wagon. I'm not going to lie, I end up quitting early with about half of them. That's why I wasn't sure I was going to be able to stick

with the vegan diet I found in a magazine.

So, I started the diet with my doubts, but surprisingly, staying on the diet was simple compared to some of the others I tried. After a month I lost several pounds and I felt better. One of the reasons I stopped the vegan diet after a month was because I thought it would be too difficult to find vegan fast foods when I eat out at lunch.

After reading this article, I realize I can eat vegan when I eat at fast food restaurants with my friends. I recommend the vegan diet for anyone trying to lose weight in a healthy way. It might be easier than you think.

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