What are the Best Types of Snacks to Send to School?

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So, tomorrow is your child’s snack day and you just aren’t sure of what types of snacks to send to school. There are plenty of choices available in snack foods, but it’s a bit more difficult to choose one that is appropriate for the classroom. Not only should snacks be easy to eat with little mess or fuss, but they should also be reasonably healthy.

Messy snacks can cause a delay in getting children back to their studies. There is also the issue of needing paper plates or utensils for particularly messy or hard to eat snacks. Consider including napkins with all snacks, but don't stop there. If you're providing drinks as well, you may need to provide cups too. On the other hand, you may choose to send individually packaged drinks such as juice boxes to avoid the need for cups.

Food allergies are also an important consideration when choosing snacks to send to school. It is best to avoid items with peanut butter or other nut products, unless such snack foods have been pre-approved. You may want to ask about other allergies as well since wheat, milk, chocolate, and other ingredients can be of concern.


The best types of snacks to send to school are those that leave you with little worry. They include items that aren't usually a problem for kids with food allergies and those healthy ingredients. Fruit or snacks made with real fruit are good choices.

When choosing snacks, you may be tempted to offer a bit of a treat, especially if it is a special occasion. You can do so once in a while, but for regular occasions, consider items like graham crackers as opposed to cookies containing lots of butter, shortening, and/or sugar.

If you are looking for something with crunch, consider pretzels instead of high fat potato chips, corn chips, or cheese puffs. There are also several varieties of baked chips and crackers. One good method for finding snacks to send to school is to bring home snack foods for your family to try first. Chances are, if your kids like the snacks, other children will too.


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Post 3

When my daughters were going to school, we would always send them fruit, crackers, and cheese for their snacks. Seemed to work well for us, and they liked it.

Post 2

A good school snack can help to balance out those unhealthy school lunches, so try to make it count. Consider including superfoods, like blueberries, turkey, yogurt, and, if your child will drink it, tea. (Brewed tea, not sugary sweet tea).

Although your kid may pitch a fit for not having the latest "lunchable" or gummy sugar drops, their bodies and brains will thank them later -- all of those foods are good for keeping kids focused and energized. And who knows, the teachers might thank you too!

Post 1

This is a great article -- so few schools have healthy school lunch programs, so kids have to rely on their snacks rather than the school food service for their nutrition.

Also, I really liked how you mentioned that you should not send messy snacks. When I was substitute teaching, messy snacks were my worst nightmare!

Thanks for your hard work and research.

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