What are the Best Treatments for Arthritic Knee Pain?

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The best treatment for arthritic knee pain, it seems, are also some of the simplest. Typically, individuals with arthritic knee pain are encouraged to rest and ice the knee that is causing pain. In addition, changing the way the knee is used may also prove effective. Finally, is these techniques don't work, surgery to replace the joint may be required.

Although it is simple, one of the most effective forms of treatment for arthritic knee pain is a significant amount of rest for the knee that has been affected. One of the most common causes of flare ups associated with arthritis of the knee is overuse of the knee joint. Walking long distances or and other activities that put strain on the knee can cause aggravate arthritis. Resting the arthritic knee for a period of time may help in the reduction of inflamed tissue around the joint. It is best to stabilize the joint during periods of rest in order to optimize recovery.


Icing the knee may be another highly effective way to treat arthritic knee pain. As when resting the knee, icing it has also been found to be highly effective in reducing swelling. By decreasing the swelling of the knee, mobility increases significantly, and thus movement becomes both easier and less painful. For best results, the ice should be kept on an arthritic knee for no more than 20 minutes. A clean, dry towel should be place between the knee and the ice in order to prevent surface burns to the skin. The knee should be iced at least a couple times over the course of the day.

Sometimes, individuals who experience high amounts of arthritic knee pain are encouraged to modify certain activities that have been found to cause significant amounts of knee pain. For example, as described above, walking is a common cause of knee pain. Other activities that may contribute to the condition include aerobics, jogging, and even biking. Modifying the way that these activities are performed can not only help to decrease pain associated with arthritis, but may also be an effective way to prevent the condition from progressing.

Finally, when the pain associated with arthritis of the knee gets too bad, individuals may have to undergo surgery to replace the affected joint. As more and more replacement surgeries are done, the procedure becomes not only more safe, but also more effective.


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