What Are the Best Tips to Meet a Sales Quota?

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To consistently meet a sales quota, a person should realize the importance of employing strategies that set him apart from his peers. He should become highly knowledgeable about his products and his industry. Instead of waiting for people to contact him, he should take the initiative to target potential clients. A successful salesperson will avoid making the mistake of overlooking his previous clients and will set daily goals to chart his progress.

Anyone who prioritizes consistently meeting his sales quota should recognize the importance of going beyond what other salespeople are doing. Star sales associates do not earn this title by engaging in the same humdrum techniques as their peers. One way that they set themselves apart is by becoming highly knowledgeable about the products that they sell and the industry that they are in. Displaying this type of professionalism can translate into increased sales.

Engaging more individuals can help a salesperson to meet her sales quota. Many stellar sales associates realize that they cannot always expect potential clients to come to them. Instead, they go out and interact with people. This may include setting up a booth at conferences or fairs or attending free community events. It can also be beneficial to ask current clients and peer professionals for leads.


Developing strategies to maximize each sale can be highly effective when trying to achieve a sales quota. Instead of selling a basic product or service, a salesperson should try to make premium sales. Clients should be offered additional items and add-ons, such as accessories and warranties. If contractual services are being sold, such as cell phone service, salespeople should encourage their clients to make longer commitments.

Too often people look to new clients to help them achieve their sales quota. A salesperson who believes in the products or services that he sells should be confident enough to ask previous clients for further business. To use this strategy effectively, salespeople need to be good listeners and take the initiative to find out information about their clients.

For example, a car salesman may sell a man a van. He may discover that his client needs the van because he has several children, including a 15-year-old daughter. If he is wise, the salesman will contact this man again when the daughter is approaching driving age to attempt to sell a vehicle suitable for her.

Setting daily goals can be a highly beneficial habit. A sales quota is often viewed as a demand that must be fulfilled by a given date. If, for instance, that date is at the end of the month, a person can under-perform early in the month, thinking that she has plenty of time. Daily goals help to encourage consistent performance.


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