What Are the Best Tips to Improve Typing Speed?

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Some of the best tips to improve typing speed include memorizing a QWERTY keyboard, learning the proper positioning of the fingers to type with better speed and accuracy and learning to type without looking at the keys as you do so. Learning to type properly with both hands on the keyboard helps not only develop speed and typing skills, but also better keyboarding accuracy. Other tips to better your typing speed include making learning fun and, therefore, increasing the motivation to practice typing drills, as well as regularly taking typing tests to measure progress.

There are two main typing techniques that people use when typing on a computer with a keyboard or a typewriter. One technique involves using one or two fingers to locate letters on the keyboard, which is frequently referred to as the "hunt and peck" method. A second common method includes placing both hands on the keyboard in order to access the entire keyboard using eight fingers and one thumb. While an individual may improve typing speed with either of these methods, the latter is often considered to be a better technique to use when trying to do so.


A QWERTY keyboard is one in which English letters are positioned in such a way that the letters near the top left side of the keyboard spell QWERTY. The home row is the entire row of letters positioned under the QWERTY row. Placing the index fingers on the F and the J of this row with the remaining fingers resting on the letters next to these is considered to be the proper hand positioning needed to learn to improve typing speed and accuracy. The letters F and J typically also feature a tiny bump so that the letters can be easily located without having to look directly at the keyboard while typing.

Another useful tip to improve typing speed is to memorize the positioning of the remaining letters on the keyboard and practice tapping them with nearby fingers. Typing tutors and instructive websites and books can help those hoping to improve your typing speed determine how to do so by learning common finger reaches designed to promote speed and accuracy. When first learning, students will need to repeatedly practice typing letter and numeric keys while looking at the keyboard before being able to comfortably do so without looking. Taking periodic typing tests is also important to measure progress.

Repeated practice and the time it takes to improve typing speed can seem boring or frustrating to some new learners. In order to prevent this from affecting one’s motivation, games designed around various typing drills may help. Many of these are offered for free online and students may be able to play alone or improve typing speed by challenging other players.


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Well, the way I increased my typing speed is not only by practicing but practicing the right way. I mean typing with a conscious effort of not making mistakes. I first started slowly without making mistakes. Sincerely, typing without making mistakes is a lot better and will really increase your speed. Started with 30wpm. Today I can type at least 180wpm with minimum mistakes. Think it's crazy? Take my advice for it. Start slowly without making mistakes then the speed will come like lightning.

P.S If you don't practice you can gain speed.

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