What Are the Best Tips to Exfoliate Legs?

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When a person exfoliate legs, she removes layers of dead skin cells, making the skin on the legs look smoother and feel softer. The skin on the legs and other areas of the body can be exfoliated with a natural bristle brush, a loofah sponge or by using a scrub. Best results are obtained when a person exfoliates in the shower. Ideally, a person will use a gentle scrub to exfoliate legs so that she doesn't harm her skin. She shouldn't exfoliate too often, either.

Exfoliating removes dried, dead skin cells, making skin look brighter and preventing clogged pores and hair follicles. A person may wish to exfoliate legs a day after she shaves her legs. The hair will have started to grow back and exfoliation will prevent skin from blocking the hair follicle, preventing an ingrown hair. Using a brush or scrub on the skin of the legs will also help prevent pimples on the legs.

A gentle product should be used to exfoliate legs. Some scrubs may be too harsh for the skin of the legs, especially if a person has sensitive skin. A natural scrub, such as one made with sugar, will dissolve as it is used and won't scratch the skin. People with sensitive skin will want to avoid scrubs that contain acids such as salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acid, those though scrubs may be very effective on people with oily skin.


Instead of using a scrub to exfoliate legs, a person can choose to use a brush. Natural bristle brushes work best because the bristles are soft and gentle but still remove dead skin. Plastic or nylon bristles may be too rough and may scratch the skin.

A loofah sponge is another product a person can use to exfoliate legs, although it may be too rough for very sensitive skin, though. They are made from natural, dried out gourds and are very fibrous. Other natural exfoliation products include scrubs with seeds or pieces of fruit.

Too much exfoliation is possible. Exfoliating the legs once a week is usually enough for most people, though people with very oily skin or dry skin may wish to exfoliate twice a week. When a person exfoliates her legs, she may wish to apply the scrub while taking a warm, not hot, shower. The skin of the legs should be wet before the scrub is applied. After exfoliating, she may choose to apply moisturizer as a final step.


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Post 3

I realize that this is not the best way to exfoliate, but has anyone noticed that waxing gets rid of dead skin? It certainly does in my case, my skin becomes so much smoother and lighter afterward.

Post 2

@alisha-- You must have very sensitive skin. I don't think oatmeal would work for me. The skin on my legs is kind of rough, so I don't think something soft like oatmeal would work.

Have you tried cornmeal scrub or a coarse sugar scrub? These are my favorite scrubs for my legs. I make my sugar scrub at home with coarse sugar and lemon juice.

I add lemon juice to it because lemon juice brightens skin and it's also good for hyper-pigmentation. I don't just use this scrub for my legs either. I also use it on my arms and buttocks. It's good for cellulite!

Post 1

I use an oatmeal scrub to exfoliate my legs in the shower. I shave my legs and tend to get a lot of ingrown hairs as the hair grows back out. So I always have to exfoliate my skin after shaving.

I tried several different products but most of them were too harsh. They hurt my skin or made it red and dry.

I finally found a great scrub that's made of oatmeal. It exfoliates well but doesn't cause irritation. Oatmeal is also soothing and hydrating for skin. I love it.

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