What Are the Best Tips to Become a Male Model?

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The life of a male model is not always as glamorous as sometimes portrayed. It takes hard work and determination to succeed in the fashion industry, which has a number of criteria for aspiring models. To become a male model, one needs to be of a certain height and, often, have a low percentage of body fat. Middle-aged men can still become male models, but they must be prepared to live in a major city and to find an agent. Since occasional opportunities arise to attend modeling agency open calls, it is also important to have a professional portfolio available.

The common understanding of models is that they lie around all day having dozens of pictures taken of them. This is inaccurate, however. The reality is that modeling can be a stressful job, and only applicants who are fit, energetic, and determined will be successful.

The fashion industry is very particular with respect to its height requirements for both men and women. In general, a man who hopes to become a male model should be between 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) and 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m) in height. Although there is no strict weight requirement, male models are expected to have an extremely low percentage of body fat.


One advantage that men looking to become models have over their female counterparts is the fact that older men can have a career. Even though male models may begin their career at the age of 18, it is not uncommon for men aged 30 and over to secure modeling contracts. A model must also have smooth skin. Those with acne scars may be best served by seeking an alternative career path.

To become a male model, it is important to move to a large city, preferably a fashion hub like Paris, Milan, or New York. Although this is not strictly necessary, the most lucrative and frequent job openings present themselves in large cities. It is important to be represented by an agent, and to be aware that an agent takes a percentage of a model’s earnings, usually between 10%-33%. An agent is, however, necessary in order to secure major bookings as well as to guide the model down a successful career path.

Those looking to become a male model must be photogenic. To demonstrate this, a model should have a portfolio that contains a number of head and body shots taken by a professional photographer. For best results, it should also include photographs in various outfits, ranging from casual wear to business attire.

Modeling agencies will occasionally have an open call. These are events at which an agency opens the doors to all comers. Anyone who would like to become a male model can attend and be professionally assessed in less than a minute.


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