What Are the Best Tips for YouTube™ Marketing?

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The power of online video marketing cannot be ignored by companies from large corporations to small businesses, but it can be difficult to attract a fan base of viewers. Getting a YouTube™ marketing effort to work requires that the marketer commit to a few strategies to get viewers interested in seeing the videos. If the marketer can follow a few tips, such as making a fun or informative video, releasing videos in a structured way, using social marketing in conjunction with YouTube™ marketing and asking viewers to participate, then the marketer might be able to increase his or her selling power.

In YouTube™ marketing, boring videos rarely get views. A good online marketing video should be fun, informative or both. Fun videos commonly use comedy or something that people will want to watch for entertainment. Informative videos educate the viewer about the product. The two are commonly combined by successful marketers to draw in viewers who are looking to be entertained and those looking to learn. No matter the angle, the video should be lively and exciting instead of dry and boring.


Releasing videos in a structured order creates a demand from the viewership. For example, a new video can be posted every day or every week, so that viewers know when to expect it. Viewers who are already following the channel will come back for the new videos and will be ready to watch without additional marketing efforts. This also makes the YouTube™ marketing easier, because the marketer will be able to structure his or her plans around making the videos.

Using social marketing in conjunction with YouTube™ marketing is a powerful way of drawing in new viewers. All YouTube™ videos have a "share" option that allows the marketer to share the video with friends, and this option should be utilized whenever the marketer makes a new video. Posting a link to the video on forums, online bulletin boards and social networking sites will help attract new viewers.

Making videos in a way that encourages viewers to respond or make a counter video will help the viewer bond with the marketer and will add extra content to each video link. Asking viewers to comment or make videos in which they use a product or talk about a service can entice viewer participation. The marketer can then link to these other videos, which might help sell the marketer’s product without the marketer having to do extra work.


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Speaking of YouTube marketing, one thing that you really need to remember is that your success won't happen overnight, as it's quite a process to become well known for your YouTube videos. On the other hand, you also need to make sure that your videos are professional and have some good content in them. For example, have you ever seen some of those YouTube videos where the uploader is using a bad camera, and it looks very rushed? Now compare the quality in those videos to some of the more popular

"celebrities" such as Chuggaaconroy and NigaHiga. The lighting is perfect, the editing is tight, and you can tell that they actually put a lot of effort into what they're aiming for.

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