What Are the Best Tips for Young Professional Women?

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The best tips for young professional women include how to network effectively as well as how to create good first impressions. Maintaining new and old business relationships while creating a career path can help foster success in reaching goals. A key theme in helpful tips for young professionals is to build a desired career by forming strong relationships.

Work relationships may be started during internships or entry-level jobs out of college. Keeping in touch with positive supervisors and managers in the industry even when no longer working in a particular company can be a great tip for young professional women. For one thing, it can keep the reference more current and meaningful when placed on a resume. For another, it may lead to new opportunities since leaders within a certain industry often hear of job openings before they go mainstream. A supervisor or manager may think of the young professionals they know and still keep in touch with as being suitable for the job.


Being suggested for a new position by someone in the industry rather than merely applying to a classified ad can help young professional women get a foot in the door of a great opportunity that wouldn't otherwise be possible without networking. If a young professional woman is genuine in these relationships, they can help her build a successful career path. Keeping in touch with supervisors and managers from past jobs by regular phone calls and emails as well as by inviting them to lunch or an industry seminar can be a great way of maintaining a professional relationship.

Rather than networking only with people from past jobs, establishing relationships with new individuals in a professional capacity is a good idea. This may be partly done online through joining reputable, business-related social networking websites, but in-person networking is also important for young professional women. Joining a local young professionals group such as one sponsored by the chamber of commerce may be a good way of meeting like-minded people.

Approaching career networking by being both genuine and professional is a good tip for young women. People appreciate sincerity in any type of relationship and business-based ones are no different. Connecting professionally with individuals they respect and who respect them can result in young professionals better fitting into their field or industry. First impressions, such as being professionally dressed for different occasions, can make a real difference in whether good networking relationships are likely to be started. Listening to and thinking about the other professionals' needs are valuable in continuing good networking relationships.


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