What Are the Best Tips for Writing Nursing Essays?

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Nursing essays should demonstrate the student’s knowledge of the subject in addition to being well written and well sourced. The information included should be reliable and come from highly regarded organizations. Upon graduation, nurses are given a lot of responsibility with little room for error, and nursing essays will reflect on a potential nurse's reliability. Like essay writing in general, nursing essays should be concise, spell-checked, and readable by a layperson. Even if writing and grammar are not a student’s strong points or will not be used much in the future, he or she will be expected to present a decent essay.

While the essay should incorporate a student’s knowledge into the finished project, statistics and other important facts should be double-checked and cited. Even the best nurses confuse or forget things, but their actions are expected to be based on 100-percent verifiable facts. Nursing students can demonstrate both their knowledge and reliability by referring to a textbook or reputable website of a government or official organization when writing their nursing essays.


In addition, the best nursing essays cover a specific topic rather than nursing as a whole. For example, the essay might discuss how to treat a specific ailment like a broken arm or urinary tract infection. As another example, the essay might address the subject of ethics and privacy regarding the profession. The student must also choose and stick with the purpose of the essay, whether it is to persuade, inform, or explore an aspect of nursing.

It is essential to create a first draft and then at least follow it by a second draft before creating the final draft. Some people say that writing is half the job and revising is the other half. This is often true because nursing students can spend just as much time editing their drafts as they do writing them. One tip some people use to revise their papers is to print them out and then study the hard copy. Sometimes it is easier to spot mistakes in this form in addition to it being easier to carry around and study than a laptop.

Lastly, genuine effort should go into a nursing student’s essay. Sometimes students fall into the train of thought that they do not need a specific skill for their desired profession. Occasionally, this is true and the skill is rarely used again. Nurses, on the other hand, are usually required to write, though this writing might not be as extensive as nursing essays.


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These days it requires a lot of nursing essay writing during graduation. I am a student at University of Nottingham and my friend is in University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill and we both get a lot of writing work.

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