What Are the Best Tips for Writing Focus Group Reports?

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Some of the best tips for writing focus group reports are to obtain the typical format of focus group reports, organize the data gathered during the focus groups and then add the details from the findings into the report format. The report is then finalized before handing it over to the business that hired the focus group organizer. Businesses and organizations conduct focus groups to gather valuable information about their products and services. Focus group reports are a key part of the process because they condense all the findings of the focus group into a digestible report.

First, write out the outline of each section of the focus group report. The sections include a cover page, executive summary, introduction, method, results and conclusions, recommendations and interpretations. Once the major sections of the focus group reports are on paper, it is time to fill in the details of each section.

Start with the cover page of the focus group report. This page simply includes the company name or name of the study. It should also include the date or dates or the study and the names of any of the people who were involved in working with the focus group. This is the name of the personnel, not the names of the focus group participants. This page is the first page of the report.


The second page of the report is the executive summary. Because this page summarizes the findings of the entire study, this page is typically written last. It is best to skip this page initially and come back to it after writing the other sections of the focus group reports.

The introduction of the report should come next. This provides a brief overview as to why the focus group was conducted in the first place. For example, a coffee company may be changing their packaging. The company may hire a focus group facilitator to solicit the opinions from focus group participants on the different design options the coffee company is considering.

Next, write the methods that were used to conduct the focus group. This area of the focus group reports should explain how many groups of people were used to conduct the study, when each focus group was conducted, how many participants were in each group, the location of the focus groups and a description of the types of participants.

Write the results or outcome of the focus group as the next part of the focus group reports. This section should include any of the questions that were included in the questionnaire.

The final portion of the focus group reports is the interpretation and recommendations of the results of the focus groups. This section should include some general conclusions and recommendations, but it should also include some details, depending on the results or outcome of the focus groups.

Finish with the executive summary, which is an overview of the rest of the focus group reports. Proofread, edit and revise the report. Try to get at least one or two others to review it as well before submitting it to the business.


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