What Are the Best Tips for Writing an Evaluation?

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Writing an evaluation is not necessarily complicated, though there are a few methods that can be used to make the process easier. Prior to writing, brainstorming often begins with reading the material to be evaluated, to ensure full comprehension. From this usage or reading, a description can be formulated. With these considerations in mind, writing an evaluation largely consists of asking questions about those elements and answering them based on information that can be used as evidence or support.

The best approach to writing an evaluation can depend upon the item that is being evaluated, though certain methods are typically applicable in many situations. Beginning with a thorough consideration or reading of something that is going to be evaluated provides a strong understanding of the source material. Someone writing an evaluation of a story should read through it once or twice to ensure full comprehension. If an evaluation is being written about a certain product, then it is important for the writer to use the product for an appropriate amount of time and understand how it functions.


Once familiar with a story or product, then writing an evaluation often proceeds with a list of its major elements or components. An evaluation of a short story, for example, can begin with a written list of the events that take place in the story and a brief synopsis of the entire work. Writing an evaluation of a product can include a list of the different features of that product, along with a quick rating of how well each performed. This provides the writer in either situation with a strong starting point and a general outline for the major elements of the writing to come.

The writer then creates an evaluation using each of these elements as a separate point or body paragraph of the article. Evidence from within the evaluated item is used to provide support for the writer’s evaluation of each point. For example, in writing an evaluation about a short story, excerpts from the story can be used to support each argument within the evaluation. This ensures that even if others disagree with the article, the writer can provide the reasoning behind each point.

In a similar way, an evaluation of a product should have each point supported by applicable information about or experiences with the item. When writing an evaluation about a phone, for example, the writer can include experiences regarding calls being dropped or issues with the microphone or speaker. If features do not work as advertised, then this provides additional support for the evaluation being made. This ensures that readers can fully understand why the evaluation comes to any indicated conclusions and demonstrates that the writer is coming from a position of expertise.


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