What Are the Best Tips for Writing a Marketing Essay?

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General essay writing carries a myriad of tips to get the writer through the process. When writing a marketing essay, there are some specific tips to getting the essay on paper that go beyond the standard essay tips. Some of the best tips for writing a marketing essay include understanding the topic, including examples or case studies and breaking the essay into subcategories or to cover specific points.

When writing a marketing essay, the first step is to gain a full understanding of the marketing topic. For example, online marketing strategies vary from offline strategies. If the topic of the essay is on how to gather leads, then the essay should cover strategies for accomplishing this both in an online and an offline environment.

Once a full understanding of the topic is ascertained, then the writer can create an outline for the essay. From the outline, the writer can then go on to gather the information and materials necessary to fill out the details of the essay.

Part of the research and gathering process includes identifying specific examples or case studies that illustrate the marketing topic. For example, if the marketing essay is about how non-profit organizations are using social media for donations, then the writer needs to find examples of these strategies.


As the writer goes through the research process, they may identify topics that should be covered in the essay. These topics, examples and information should be added to the original outline. While the outline acts as a guide for writing the marketing essay, it also tends to continuously be a work in progress as the writer completes the research process.

Rather than write one big essay, it is typically better to subdivide and separate the essay into sections. The writer can use their outline to identify some of the primary categories and subcategories that the marketing essay can be broken into. Subcategories make the essay easier for the reader to digest. Formulating the essay in this way also makes it easier for the writer to write because it organizes the marketing essay into a logical order.

In addition to the order, subcategories and subtopics allow the writer to ensure that they cover all of the details on the topic. For example, a marketing essay on the topic of print advertising may break the essay down into offline and online options. Another subcategory option may be to break the essay into different publication options, such as newspapers, magazines and trade journals and newsletters.


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