What are the Best Tips for Winter Jogging?

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There is no reason to stop exercising outside just because the seasons have changed, but it is important to follow some winter jogging tips to stay safe outside. Of course, it is important to dress warmly for the weather, but that is only one consideration of winter jogging. It is important to care for the whole body even more when one will be exercising outside, because it is much easier to pull a muscle when jogging in cold weather.

To stay warm while winter jogging, dress in layers. A layer close to the skin should act as an insulator, and should wick away moisture; top that layer with a light t-shirt and a warm shirt on top of that to prevent wind from penetrating the clothing. Another benefit to dressing in layers is that the layers can be removed if one gets too hot, which can happen when jogging on sunny days in the winter. Be sure to wear warm pants as well, and they can be layered too if it is especially cold.


In addition to protecting the body while winter jogging, it is important to protect the head, hands, feet, and face from frostbite. Wear mittens or gloves on the hands, and be sure to wear thick socks on the feet. Running shoes should have good traction and thick soles to avoid slipping on the snow. In addition, wear a hat to protect the head and ears, and wear a scarf wrapped around the neck and face on especially cold days.

Even if the whole body is covered, it is important to monitor oneself for frostbite. Any cold areas should warm up and turn red within a few minutes of winter jogging, but if skin appears to be white, hard, or numb, get inside and warm up. If the skin does not change to a red color, go to the hospital for treatment. In addition to staying warm while winter jogging, be sure to wear sunscreen and sunglasses to protect eyes from the harsh glare of the sun.

Finally, the cold weather in the winter tends to make muscles colder and tighter, which can lead to injury. Warm up fully ahead of time by walking briskly or doing jumping jacks. If the weather dips below zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius), or if the wind chill is especially high, skip jogging that day. It is possible to develop hypothermia relatively quickly, which can be fatal. Stay safe when jogging at night by wearing reflectors on the clothing, and never run when the roads and sidewalks are icy.


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A lot of people recommend exercising regularly to be able to reach the optimum level of health. They would especially recommend a regular exercise routine because they believe that doing it consistently will eventually get your body used to doing it. One of the most common routines is jogging.

There are many benefits that jogging can give you. It can improve blood flow, decrease unhealthy cholesterol in the body and also increase one’s immune resistance to disease.

Now, jogging can be done in practically anywhere. You can jog while you’re inside the comforts of your own home. You can jog in the park during any season you desire. You can also jog along a bridge during winter.

The main problem

here is how to dress for the jog. This is especially hard when you want to know the appropriate jogging outfit during winter. Luckily, I have prepared a mini-guideline based on my experience:

Apply a moisturizer to prevent skin dryness and irritation. Put a scarf around your neck. You can also put warm and thin clothing over your nose to humidify the air you’re breathing in.

Wear a long shirt in your innermost layer. Put two shirts over this. Wear a lightweight and warm winter jacket (usually made of fleece) over these layers.

You can also put pocket warmers inside your jacket for added warmth. Personally, I use Helios Heater Pocket Warmers because they’re light and compact, not to mention stylish. To activate this, simply press the floating coin inside the heat pack and you’re all set.

Put on two layers of socks. Wear running shoes that maintain traction on icy surfaces.

Put on your gloves and mittens. As for me, before I dress up my hands, I use Helios Heater Palm Pads because it helps keep me warm while keeping my hands free.

There you go. You can start warming up first before jogging and warming up last after jogging.

Enjoy being healthy!

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