What Are the Best Tips for Wine Glass Storage?

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To prevent breakage, cracking, and chipping, proper wine glass storage is essential. Many wine glasses can be stored upside down in a wine glass rack, but they can also be stored safely in a cupboard or on a shelf. Some individuals also choose to store wine glasses in a storage case or in the original packaging. Wherever they are stored, they should be away from high traffic areas and they should not be touching each other.

Most experts agree that wine glasses should be stored upside down. This will help keep dust and debris from collecting in the bowl of the wine glass. It will also help provide stability when they are stored on a flat surface, like a cupboard or shelf.

A wine glass rack is one of the best ways to store most wine glasses. These wine glass storage units are designed so that the stem of the wine glasses can be inserted between two straight dowels or pieces of thick wire. Wine glass racks can be built into a kitchen or dining room, or they can be freestanding structures.

Some wine glass storage units even have a place to store bottles of unopened wine. These are sometimes similar to liquor cabinets. Some wine glass and bottle storage units are a little smaller. These often come with a tabletop, which can be handy for pouring and serving wine.


Individuals who would rather not invest in a wine glass storage unit can still store their wine glasses in their regular kitchen cupboards or display them on a shelf. If they are stored in a cupboard, however, a non-slip mat should be used underneath the glasses. This will prevent the glasses from sliding around when retrieving something out of the cupboard.

Wine glasses should be stored away from high-traffic areas. Individuals with a wine glass storage unit should place it in areas of the home where children are unlikely to be playing, for instance. If wine glasses are being stored in a cupboard, it should be a cupboard that is not frequently used. This will prevent the glasses from being knocked over on accident.

If wine glasses are not used frequently, owners may want to store them in glassware storage cases, or stemware storage cases. These cases typically have individual compartments for each wine glass. This will help keep the wine glasses from knocking into each other and breaking. Many wine glass sets also come in boxes with cardboard separators. These can be used to store wine glasses as well.


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Post 4

This is a great article! I was having trouble storing my glasses in the cupboard as I kept accidentally knocking them and breaking them. Since reading this article, I have found a great website in the UK that not only provides the glass storage boxes but the wine glass racks too. I have purchased one from them and have installed it under my shelves in the kitchen. It works perfectly!

Post 3

I have some very old antique wine glasses that belonged to my grandmother that I absolutely treasure. She actually used some of them at her wedding. Anyway, they mean a lot to me and they are also very valuable so I bought some top of the line home wine storage boxes.

Each glass gets packed into its own customizable compartment that holds it snugly. The box is padded all over and very secure. The ads say that you could drop the box off a building and the glasses wouldn't break. I hope it doesn't come to that, but it is nice to have the security.

Post 2

I was able to build a hanging wine glass holder for just a few dollars. I had scrap lumber that I used and I bought some hardware and chain to hang it up in my kitchen. But the project was really easy, and like I say, really cheap.

It provides a nice accent to my kitchen as well. I am not great at design or decorating and my kitchen was pretty bare before this. But now, with the wine glasses hanging upside down, it is almost like a little chandelier.

Post 1

I have a pretty extensive collection of old wine glasses from various dinner parties and functions I have throw over the years. I have a bad habit of buying glasses, using them once or twice and then buying new ones. Invariably the old ones get packed back into the box they were bought in and shuffled down to my basement.

Obviously I need a better system. A few of the boxes are starting to break down and even still they do not provide a lot of protection. One misplaced foot and you might have a big pile of broken glass. So what would be the best way for me to store all these old glasses? I have all different shapes and sizes. Would it be better to just get rid of them? Oh choices!

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