What Are the Best Tips for Waxing Men?

Nick Mann

While waxing is often thought of as a procedure limited to women, it's also a viable option for men dealing with unwanted body hair. Waxing men is an effective way to remove hair for several weeks and results in significantly finer hair when it does grow back. In order to make the process a comfortable and safe one, there are several tips that men should follow. These include being clean prior to waxing and relaxing the muscles while waxing. Afterward, men should wear loose fitting clothing, avoid sunbathing and stay away from places with potential bacteria for at least one day.

It is important for men to take a thoroughly cleansing shower on the day they receive a waxing.
It is important for men to take a thoroughly cleansing shower on the day they receive a waxing.

Usually the first tip men should follow when getting waxed is to be as clean as possible before beginning a session. It's important to take a shower the day of waxing and thoroughly wash off one's body. This will help to prevent bacteria from getting into the area which could cause an infection. In addition, being freshly showered will reduce body oils and make the process less painful.

Sunburned skin should never be waxed.
Sunburned skin should never be waxed.

Staying relaxed during the waxing process is also important. When muscles are tense and strained, it tends to make the process more difficult. In turn, the pain level is increased when muscles are fighting against waxing. While waxing men, the person doing the procedure should try to help the client stay calm, as it's the body's natural reaction to tense up in a situation such as this.

After waxing men, cosmetologists will usually advise clients to wear only loose fitting clothing that doesn't constrict the waxed areas. For the rest of the day after waxing, men should try to minimize clothing or anything else coming into contact with sensitive areas. Doing so will reduce pain and help speed up the healing process.

Another helpful tip after waxing men is to recommend they avoid sunbathing or any extended exposure to the sun. One of the easiest ways to upset the healing process after waxing is exposing the area to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Doing so can lead to extremely painful sunburns on already sensitive areas. Therefore, men should wait at least one day before considering sunbathing.

Additionally, it's critical for men who have had a waxing done to stay away from any places with bacteria. For example, places like saunas and jacuzzis are often breeding grounds for bacteria because of their hot and wet conditions. Coming into contact with harmful bacteria could easily cause an infection on the waxed areas, so waiting until those areas have healed is important. In most cases, it's safe to resume these types of activities the next day.


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