What Are the Best Tips for Using Suede Paint?

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Suede paint is different from other types of paints in both appearance and application. Working with suede paint can be time-consuming because the final coat is applied in an X-shaped pattern with a brush, not a roller. In addition, suede paint is easily scratched and is usually considered unsuitable for high traffic areas such as kitchens and living rooms. The best tips for using suede paint include priming the surface that will be painted, using a high-quality brush, using the correct techniques and setting aside an adequate amount of time for the project.

After the wall has been primed for painting, the first coat of paint can be applied with a roller. Some companies recommend using a special roller for the best results, but this is not always necessary. This is the easiest part of using suede paint because it does not require any special techniques or strokes, just regular painting. The wall should be allowed to dry for at least four hours, but — depending on how long it took to paint the whole room — it is probably best to store the brushes and paint overnight, then take up the job again in the morning.


To begin painting the walls in the appropriate pattern, the painter needs a high-quality brush. The brush's quality makes a difference in the final look of the wall because it plays such a large part. Using the brush, the painter should make X-shaped strokes across the entire wall. Each X overlaps to obscure the next until the entire wall is painted. The wall should dry in various shades, but the X-pattern should not be noticeable unless the viewer is looking for it.

Suede paint usually is not the best option for houses with children. Overall, the paint scratches easily and does not clean well. It is possible to purchase a very durable paint, however. Combined with proper preparation of the wall, plus a quality primer, suede paint can be a viable option for just about any household. Still, it might not last as long as other painting techniques, in which case it must be sanded, primed, then painted again.

Going for a suede look is more time consuming than simply changing the color of a wall. Homeowners who do this kind of renovation of the walls should put aside at least one weekend — sometimes several, depending on the size of the room and how many people volunteer to help. When in doubt, a professional painter should be contacted to do the job. People who paint for a living likely have experience with suede painting techniques and can give the walls a more polished look quicker than someone who is inexperienced.


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