What are the Best Tips for Using Resistance Bands?

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When considering using resistance bands, it is important to first understand both how they work and what kinds of resistance bands are out there. Different resistance levels are available, which means when using resistance bands, one can tailor the workout to be harder or easier. Most resistance bands are color coded; usually lighter colors mean less resistance and darker colors mean more resistance. One should be sure to choose the correct bands for the exercises he or she intends to do as well as his or her fitness level.

Using resistance bands can help develop muscles, increase flexibility, and recover from injuries. To do so effectively, it is a good idea to consult a trainer to help learn how to execute the exercises correctly. Like any other type of physical activity, using resistance bands incorrectly can lead to injury or negate the potential benefits of working out with them. A trainer can teach a new user how to do the exercises correctly and prevent injury, but if a trainer is not available, one may want to consider first researching proper technique or spending some time with another person familiar with the exercises.


If one is using resistance bands for the first time, he or she should start with a band with the least amount of resistance. This allows the user to get a feel for how the bands work, how much force he or she must exert for certain exercises, and how to get set up for each exercise. Using resistance bands often necessitates that the user wrap the band around one or more limb, so balancing in order to get into position can sometimes be tricky.

One should keep in mind that using resistance bands will feel different than using weights, even for the same exercises. Weights have a set amount of resistance that the user can tailor easily by choosing a heavier or lighter weight. With resistance bands, the user will not know exactly how much resistance he or she is working with. While this may seem like an inconvenience, one should keep in mind that resistance bands are extremely portable, allowing the user to complete a workout while traveling or in a small space. Resistance bands also work the muscles just as effectively as weights, as long as the motions are done correctly. As an added benefit, resistance bands can improve balance and agility because each exercise requires the body to be stable and balanced.


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Don't play too much with resistance bands because they can get pinholes in them. Also, be careful when using them. Getting popped by one feels like getting popped by a rubber band, to the tenth power. They can leave marks.

One other thing: if you're pulling them tight, try not to stretch one too thin. It's a little painful to hold on to a tightly stretched band for any appreciable amount of time.

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