What Are the Best Tips for Using Emmental Cheese?

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Emmental cheese, rich in both holes and flavor, is ideal for serving rolled or cubed for snacks or sliced in sandwiches. Emmental, which is also called Swiss cheese, may also be melted in sandwiches or used in fondues and souffles. Grating this cheese and blending it with other strong, flavorful cheeses such as Parmesan and aged cheddar can create an all purpose mix to use in dishes such as macaroni and cheese. Emmental cheese doesn't tend to keep that long in the refrigerator though, so it can be better to freeze a grated blend and use the rest rather quickly in other dishes and snacks.

Placing a small, ruffled-edged piece of lettuce onto a cracker before adding a cube of Emmental and garnishing that with black and/or green olive slices, can make an appealing appetizer for a party. Buying squares of sliced Swiss cheese and rolling them up to serve with cold cuts such as salami in the same fashion is a classic look for a party tray. A little grated Emmental cheese on top of mushroom or any cream soup can be a delicious addition. Emmental stirred into hot rice or macaroni and cheese can also be tasty. Some cooks like to use Emmental in pasta casseroles with slivered almonds and cooked vegetables.


A little Dijon mustard, both in sandwiches and in cooked dishes made with Emmental cheese, can really bring out the flavor. This combination is ideal in submarine style sandwiches with salami. Vegetables such as leeks can work wonderfully well in an Emmental souffle with ingredients such as Dijon and lemon juice added. For a change from a regular type of cheeseburger, Emmental can be delicious melted on the meat. Adding Dijon mustard and sliced pickle can create a combination that is pleasing to burger lovers.

Scalloped potatoes au gratin can be even better with caramelized onions and Emmental cheese added after the dish is baked. With the cheese and onions on top, the potatoes can be broiled for a few minutes just before serving time. Emmental may also be used in omelets or in grilled cheese sandwiches. Especially if it's not wrapped well, this type of cheese may start to get a sort of fermented smell and flavor after a few days in the refrigerator. Wrapping Emmental tightly and using it within several days or freezing the remainder is often a good idea.


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Emmental cheese is also great melted on top of baked potatoes. Though American and cheddar cheese is commonly used for this dish, I think that Emmental cheese gives baked potatoes a unique, tasty flavor. To dress your potato up even more, adding a little butter and sour cream along with the cheese will make a rich, flavorful side dish or meal.

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Emmental or Swiss cheese is one of my favorites, because I love its mild, slightly sweet flavor. I love it as a snack, but also for a quick sandwich at lunchtime.

The best way to make a great Swiss cheese sandwich is also the easiest. I take several thin slices and place them on whole grain wheat bread. Then I spread regular mustard on the bread to complete this simple cheese sandwich.

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