What Are the Best Tips for Using an Orange Stick?

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Small sticks made from orangewood are often referred to as orange sticks, and they are commonly used as manicure tools. They can be used to remove dirt from underneath and beside the fingernail. Cuticles can also be pushed back with one end of an orange stick, and nail polish mistakes can be removed with one of these sticks. Nail art, such as nail stickers, can also be applied with the help of an orange stick. Since they can collect harmful bacteria and splinter, however, these sticks should be discarded after use.

An orange stick is usually just a small stick fashioned from orangewood. It usually has a point on one end, and the other end is cut off at an angle. These sticks are most often used during manicures, and sometimes during pedicures.

Clean fingernails are an important part of any manicure. The pointed end of an orange stick can be used to remove dirt and other debris from underneath the nails. It can also be used to remove any grime on each side of a fingernail, where it meets the skin.

An orange stick can also be used to push back cuticles during a manicure. The slanted part of the stick is usually used for this task. Fingernails and cuticles should be soaked for a few minutes and moisturized before pushing the cuticles back. This will soften the cuticles and make them easier to push back.

Applying nail polish can be tricky for some individuals, even professionals. Nail polish that has been accidentally swiped onto the skin surrounding the fingernail can often easily be scraped away with an orange stick. If the polish has dried, dipping one end of the stick into nail polish remover can make removing smudges easier. Some individuals may also prefer to tightly wrap a small piece of a cotton ball around the tip of an orange stick before removing smudges.

Some types of nail art can also be put on a nail with an orange stick. The slanted edge of the stick can be used to peel a nail sticker from its backing. A person can then use the stick to position the sticker before pressing it to the nail. Clear nail polish can then be applied over the sticker to help it stay on the nail longer.

Orange sticks are typically inexpensive and easy to find, and they often come in large quantities. They can splinter after use, however, which can result in a sliver. Since the wood is porous, it can also hold micro-organisms, such as nail fungus. For these reasons, orange sticks should be thrown away after they are used.

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