What Are the Best Tips for Unibrow Removal?

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The unibrow is a result of hair growth between the eyebrows, resulting in the appearance of a single, long eyebrow that carries all the way across the forehead. Although a natural occurrence in both men and women due to genetics and ethnicity, popular media has demonized the unibrow, making it a symbol to denote someone as unattractive, primitive, or even criminal in their intentions. It is understandable, therefore, how unibrow removal is such a popular beauty treatment. You can remove it at home or at a salon, and there are a number of tips to help you achieve the best results, including chosing a strategy that fits your needs, getting advice, and taking your time.

Before you remove a single hair, decide on a plan of action and what you want your finished eyebrows to look like. A good way to do this is to have the initial unibrow removal done at a salon. They are professionals after all, and if you like the resulting shape, you can keep up the maintenance by yourself at home. Otherwise, you can hold a pen vertically between your eyes and against your forehead to judge how much hair you want to remove.


Tweezing is the most inexpensive and easy way for do-it-yourself unibrow removal. Although it can be painful, the results last anywhere from a few days to a week before you have to do it all over again. If you decide to go this route, make sure that you invest in a good-quality pair of tweezers. These will help you get the hair out the first time and will not take any of your skin with it.

Make sure that you give yourself plenty of time as tweezing can be fairly time-consuming. Start slow, in the middle of your unibrow, and only remove one hair at a time. It is tempting, and faster, to pull the hair out in patches, but this can be very painful and often removes more hair then you originally intended. Make sure that you stand in strong light to better see the hairs, and a magnifying mirror also comes in handy.

Waxing is also effective at unibrow removal, and the results last longer than tweezing. If you are waxing yourself at home, make sure to read the instructions carefully before committing to avoid doing yourself injury. Start in small sections, or else you may end up without any eyebrows at all.

If you want a permanent or near-permanent method of unibrow removal, then go to a salon and have it done either by electrolysis or laser treatment. Keep in mind, however, that these treatments can be expensive, and if you have laser therapy, a temporary scab forms. Never shave your unibrow, as this method barely lasts a day and never gets a totally smooth, natural-looking result. Avoid depilatory creams also because they may irritate your skin and eyes.

Finally, make sure you tidy up the rest of your eyebrows as well. If you were trimming a hedge, you wouldn't simply cut a strip down the middle. Alternate between brows to get an even look, and make sure that, whichever method you use, you use a toner or gel on your skin afterward to soothe any irritation.


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Another good thing about plucking or tweezing eyebrow hairs Talentryto is that over time, they seem to grow back thinner. Less hair means less to pluck!
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I think that tweezing the unwanted hairs of a unibrow is the best way to remove them. Though the first time you tweeze will be time consuming and a little painful, it will get easier over time. You will be able to remove hairs as they grow back gradually, instead of waiting and having to remove them all at once with a full unibrow.

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