What are the Best Tips for Underarm Whitening?

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Many people have dark, discolored underarms as a result of shaving, waxing, and using deodorants for long periods of time. This can be an embarrassing problem, particularly if the underarm skin is noticeably darker than the skin surrounding it. It is also a problem that tends to come back even after it has been taken care of, because people normally continue to shave their underarms and use deodorant. Some of the best options for underarm whitening may include over-the-counter products such as skin lightening creams. Many people also have good luck with home remedies for lightening the underarms, which occasionally involve lemon juice and skin exfoliation. There are also a few different ways a person can prevent underarm discoloration that might eventually eliminate the need for underarm whitening.

One of the most effective natural methods for underarm whitening is skin exfoliation. This is usually done with either a pumice stone or some type of exfoliation cream. Skin exfoliation under the arms may help lighten the color because the scrubbing action removes dead skin cells. Over time, dead skin cell buildup can result in a darker skin color. This method usually doesn't take all of the darkness out of the underarms, but it may lighten them up a great deal.


Some people use lemon juice to naturally bleach their underarms. This may be done by rubbing lemon juice into the underarms and leaving it for about 20 minutes and then washing it off. It might be necessary for a person to do this two or three time each week to get the best results. Lemon juice will usually not cure the problem completely, but it could be a useful remedy for people who do not want to use harsher products on their skin.

Most drug stores carry skin bleaches and lightening creams to use under the arms. Some of these products come in kits that can also be used on the face. These products are often very effective, but it is important for a person who has never used them before to test a small amount on the skin to be sure that no allergic reaction will occur. The main downside to these products is that they may be expensive, and a person will probably have to keep using them indefinitely to keep skin discoloration at bay.

Regular exfoliation could help eliminate the need for underarm whitening. It may also be beneficial for a person with underarm discoloration to try switching deodorant brands, because some deodorants may be more likely to cause discoloration than others. All-natural deodorants that contain few or no chemicals might also help prevent underarm darkening because in some cases the chemicals in conventional deodorants are partly to blame for the problem.


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Post 3

@SarahGen-- Do you have a dark skin tone? I think those with dark skin tend to experience dark underarms, that's the case with me. My hair is also very dark and even after I've removed underarm hair, the roots can be seen through my skin which gives my underarms a dark appearance.

My underarms are doing better lately though. I use to shave and now I wax my underarms which has made a huge difference. Waxing pulls hair out from the roots.

I'm also exfoliating with body scrubs and lemons. I exfoliate my underarms three times a week with a body scrub made of coarse brown sugar. It removes all the dead skin that causes darkness. I then

take half of a fresh lemon and rub it into my underarms. Lemons lighten skin because they contain vitamin C.

You might want to try these tips before buying underarm whitening creams. Those creams are made of chemicals so I don't think they're safe.

Post 2

I've had dark underarms for years. I've even seen a doctor about it and I was told that it's normal. I'm thinking about using a skin whitening cream. Has anyone here used one for underarms?

Post 1

I used to have dark underarms when I was young because I always wore long sleeves. After I started wearing sleeveless tops and t-shirts made of 100% cotton, my underarms became whiter. I think that the underarms darken when they don't get enough air exposure and when there is a lot of sweat. It's a good idea to wear sleeveless shirts in the summer and one should shower frequently too.

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