What Are the Best Tips for Two-Tone Hair Color?

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Two-tone hair color is a growing trend among both men and women. There are a few tips that hair stylists and customers who frequently receive two-tone hair color recommend people follow to choose the right colors and pattern for them. Learning how to properly take care of and maintain two-tone hair will also goes a long way toward keeping a style looking exactly how it should be.

Various colors and patterns of colors can be used to give people a unique new look. Women often have the top layer of hair bleached to a light blond and then color the underside of the hair a darker or brighter color. Men sometimes dye the tips of the hair a light or bright color, while keeping the roots dark. Thin highlights and thick, chunky streaks are popular for both genders. Hair can be dyed almost any color of the rainbow, but sometimes brighter, unnatural colors do not last as long and can be more prone to fading into other, lighter colors.


Most people with two-tone hair color agree that the very best tip to follow is for people to get their hair colored professionally instead of attempting to do it themselves. This is especially true when getting two-tone hair color done for the first time. After the first time, sometimes it is reasonable for people experienced with dying their own hair to keep up with the maintenance of the two-tone hair color at home, although professional touch-ups every now and then can keep hair looking its best.

Those wanting two-tone hair color should decide before they color their hair whether they prefer permanent or temporary colors. Temporary colors obviously do not last as long as permanent colors, but even permanent colors can fade or lose certain tones if not properly maintained and regularly touched up. Choose shampoos and conditioners intended for use on color treated hair. Using products that are not meant for colored hair can cause the color to be stripped from the hair more quickly, causing fading. Additionally, certain shampoos and conditioners may be too harsh for use on hair that has already been dyed or otherwise chemically treated.

If people have light sections of hair right next to dark or bright sections of hair, the intense colors may run during washing and tint the light colored areas. Some frequent hair dyers advocate washing and rinsing treated hair in cold water to minimize this. Others go so far as to separate out the different colored sections of hair and clip one section back while washing the other to avoid having the sections mix together.


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Post 5

I have a two tone hair style (I'm a guy) and it's like I have a blond streak going down my hair (I have dark brown hair). If you know who wiz khalifa is, then you know this hair style.

It's not that complicated. Just get the package from almost any product or hair products store and read the instructions and it always helps when you have someone helping you with it. If not, I do it on my own. It's really easy and I don't have to wash my hair in cold water. I wash it in warm water with shampoo and they don't bleed and the color doesn't come out.

Post 4

My favorite two tone hair colors are blonde and brown. I think it looks great when a guy has blonde tips on brown hair. I also think it looks really cool when a woman has a layer of blonde highlights on top of medium brown hair.

I love this frosted look. My best friend has long hair, and she has this two tone hair color. When she braids it, it looks awesome, because the dark hair underneath twists into the light blonde.

The braid creates a marbled effect. Any hairdo that involves putting part of it up to expose the other tone underneath creates an interesting contrast.

Post 3

I would never even consider giving myself a two tone hair style. This is a very complicated procedure that needs to be handled by a professional.

Those streaks are not just randomly placed. A trained stylist knows how to scatter them throughout for the best effect. It's an art form, and each head of hair is a canvas.

I know nothing about art, and I definitely wouldn't paint on a canvas and expect the result to be beautiful. Likewise, I wouldn't attempt to color my hair in such a way and expect good results.

Post 2

@StarJo – I don't mind washing my two toned hair color in cold water. Then again, I have hair that is only slightly below my shoulders, so I can use the kitchen sink for washing it. It might be a different story if I had to use the shower.

I don't worry about separating out the different colored sections. As long as I use cold water, I know that I won't be rinsing the color out with the shampoo.

The only real inconvenience with this type of hair color is having to have my roots touched up every few weeks. My hair grows pretty fast, and my roots are dark, so it is very unattractive when they light blonde streaks grow out a little.

Post 1

Wow, I can't imagine having to wash two tones of hair color separately! I have oily hair, so I have to wash mine every night. That would be a real pain!

So would having to use cold water. My hair is very long, so I can't wash it in the sink. I have to wash it in the shower, and it would be very uncomfortable to have to take a cold shower because of my hair color.

I think I will stick to a solid hair color. Two tones are cool, but they sound like way too much trouble.

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