What Are the Best Tips for Trying to Conceive?

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There are many helpful tips for trying to conceive, but the most important is to always consider the timing of ovulation and the woman's menstrual cycle. If these biological factors aren't taken into consideration, the chances of getting pregnant are likely to be reduced, especially in cases where some degree of infertility may be an issue. Avoiding scented feminine hygiene products, being relaxed rather than constantly thinking of conception and trying some methods before, during and after sexual intercourse that are thought to increase the chances of getting pregnant may help those trying to get pregnant.

Ovulation indicators are products that help a woman determine the best days to conceive. The most fertile time is often said to be five days before ovulation and up to 12 hours after it. By using an ovulation indicator, a woman can track when she ovulates in accordance with her menstrual cycle. It's also recommended that when trying to conceive, a woman keeps a record of when her menstrual periods start and end. Irregular periods may make conception more difficult, yet unless infertility is a problem, it can still occur, especially if sexual intercourse is timed to the most fertile days before, during and after ovulation.


While it's important to have sexual intercourse during the most fertile times of the month when trying to increase the chances of becoming pregnant, overdoing it may have the opposite effect. Especially if the male's sperm count is low, daily intercourse may actually reduce the chances of conception. For this reason, many fertility experts advise sexual intercourse every second day during the woman's most fertile times. It's also widely thought that the female orgasm is important when trying to conceive since the position of the cervix at this time is likely to allow more sperm to get further inside the vagina.

The man on top, or missionary, position, is thought to be the best when trying to get pregnant. Another tip for trying to conceive is for the woman to stay in a horizontal position immediately after intercourse. Some fertility experts also advise the woman to lay on the floor and raise her hips and legs upward such as by leaning them against a bed or sofa to help sperm better reach the vagina.

Staying relaxed is often thought to play at least some role in encouraging conception. Stress on the body caused by anxiety about wanting to conceive a child may work against becoming pregnant. When trying to conceive, it's also thought to be important to avoid anything that may inhibit sperm penetration such as using scented tampons and feminine hygiene sprays.


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