What Are the Best Tips for Treadmill Maintenance?

Alex Paul

Some of the best tips for treadmill maintenance include making sure the belt is lubricated at all times and replacing the belt on a regular basis. Adjusting the alignment of the belt also is important to increase its lifespan. Other tips include regularly tuning the engine, if required, and keeping the belt as clean as possible to reduce the chance of dirt entering the internal electronics.

Treadmill belts should be regularly lubricated to ensure the machine operates properly.
Treadmill belts should be regularly lubricated to ensure the machine operates properly.

A treadmill contains many moving parts, all of which are likely to wear down over time, making treadmill maintenance essential. The amount of treadmill maintenance required to keep a machine running correctly depends on a variety of factors, including how much it is used and the quality of the product. All treadmills, however, require a certain level of maintenance if the owner wants to maintain optimum performance.

The belt is one of the most vulnerable parts of any treadmill, because it is constantly moving when in use and is placed under a lot of stress and strain. A treadmill’s belt needs to be properly lubricated at all times. Some treadmills are built with self-lubricating belts, but most require the application of a lubricant such as silicon spray. Even if the belt is always well lubricated, it will usually need to be replaced every few years.

Another tip for treadmill maintenance is to ensure that the belt is always running in a straight line. If the belt begins to run to the side, it is likely to rub, which increases the speed with which it wears down. There is usually a way for an owner to manually change the alignment of the treadmill belt. Newer machines are often easy to adjust, while older ones may be more difficult.

There are a number of other tips for treadmill maintenance. The motor, which is an essential part of any treadmill, should be regularly tuned to keep it running effectively. Some of the more expensive treadmill motors don’t require lubrication or other forms of maintenance, but most do.

Newer treadmills, which often have built-in computers or TV screens, are usually more difficult to repair. If the onboard computer stops working correctly, for example, then it usually needs to be repaired by a professional, making this an expensive part of treadmill maintenance. Built-in televisions and other gadgets may not be covered in the warranty, so one should make sure to check this before buying a machine.

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