What Are the Best Tips for Throwing an Australian-Themed Party?

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It's a good idea to do some research prior to throwing an Australian-themed party. Learning about Australian customs can help make the party authentic and enjoyable. For an outdoor party, many Australian recipes can be grilled on the barbecue. Australian decor, such as boomerangs and Aboriginal art prints, may add a festive look to the party. Other Australian-themed party ideas can be found by reading books and travel guides, as well as visiting websites dedicated to the Australian lifestyle.

Organizers can get creative and use eucalyptus branches and wreaths to decorate for a party. Decorating with all shades of gold and green is a must, as these are the national colors of Australia. Posters of the Australian outback can make a nice backdrop. If the decor has an outback theme, everyone attending might wear safari jackets and khaki cargo pants. Over-sized safari hats can complete the outback outfit.

Many online stores offer custom-designed banners and signs that would enhance any Australian-themed party. A "Kangaroo Crossing" or "Entering the Outback" sign might add a festive touch to the decor. In addition, Australian-inspired stuffed animals can be placed indoors or out. Kangaroos, koalas, crocodiles, and emus are a few good choices.


Having the festivities at a beach house is a good idea for an Australian-themed party. A pool party offers many possibilities for decorating Australian style. An Australian flag can be placed poolside or on the front porch.

Most everyone knows some Australian slang and catch phrases. Pronunciation with a believable Australian accent might be more challenging for English speakers from other countries, but it can be done with practice. To Americans, the Australian pronunciation of "mate" should sound like "mite," while "late" should sound like "light."

Good music is an essential part of any successful celebration. For an Australian-themed party, the selection might include music by well-known pop or rock artists from Australia. For more traditional Australian music, there's the unofficial national song called "Waltzing Matilda."

Activities at an Australian-themed party are often sports-oriented. Aboriginal boomerang games can be fun, while cricket, lawn darts, and badminton can be enjoyed by all ages. For those willing to learn the rules and regulations, a rugby game or Australian-rules football can also be organized.

Foods at an Australian-themed party may include barbecued steaks and shrimp, which are commonly referred to as prawns. For snacking, vegamite on crackers can be a healthy choice. The adults are sure to appreciate Australian beer.


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Post 6

Be prepared to play a lot of 80s hits by INXS, Men at Work ("Land Down Under," of course), Midnight Oil, and Kylie Minogue.

Post 5

Thank you for the post. Thought I would just clear up two things. One, prawns are really not Australian. I know there is the saying throw another shrimp on the barby but barbequed prawns is disgusting and no one in Australia ever eats them. Steak is a big big yes. Go for it!

And second, vegemite is brilliant for Australians but if you are not Australian, be prepared not to like it. Most foreigners don't. Waltzing Mathilda is a good idea for a song- everyone in Australia knows the lyrics backward.

If you would like to play footy (Australian Rules football) don't bother with the rules; they are too complicated for a party. Just kick the footy around with everyone -- that's what we do. Yep, that's basically it. Have a brilliant time at your Australian themed parties.

Post 3

@drtroubles - If you are looking to have access to exotic animals for your party your best bet may be going through one of the local animal parks in your area. I know in our city you can arrange parties at the park and they will allow you to do a meet and greet with various animals. It is a pretty neat program.

I am not sure if they would have any Australian animals in your district, but it doesn't hurt to call and ask. When I threw a party we got to meet a few interesting tropical birds, and a couple of smaller, harmless animals. I think the highlight was getting the kids a elephant ride.

Post 2

It sounds like throwing an Australian themed party would be a lot of fun. I'm currently trying to figure out what to do for my sister's birthday, and since she loves everything Australian I figured it would be a good way to go.

Do you know of a good way to provide guests with a way to interact with Australian animals without having to leave our city?

I've done some looking into animal for hire companies, and they seem to mostly deal with the film industry or are very expensive. I would love for my sister to be able to interact with something like a wallaby. I know they are popular in petting zoos in Australia.

Post 1

We came back from a vacation in Australia and decided to throw an Australian themed party for our friends to give them a bit of a sampling of what they had missed while we were down under. We made sure we got a CD of didgeridoo music off a street vendor, and picked up a variety of cheesy souvenirs to give out as door prizes. Probably the best one was a handcrafted boomerang made by one of the local indigenous groups. For our invitations we used postcards and included a list of must-know Australian slang words. A great way to introduce your theme to your guests

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