What Are the Best Tips for Throwing an American-Themed Party?

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Many people believe that the best time to throw an American-themed party is in July, on Independence Day. The area can be decorated in red, white, and blue stars and stripes. Rock, country, or blues music can be played in the background, and games like American football or baseball can help keep guests entertained. Simple foods like hamburgers and hot dogs can be cooked on a grill, and a small fireworks display may be the perfect ending to this type of theme party.

When throwing an American-themed party, one may want to consider the timing. Since the Fourth of July is considered to be the United States of America's Independence Day, this is an excellent time to throw a party of this sort. Some individuals may also choose to throw a party to celebrate the start of certain American sports seasons, like American football or baseball.

A true American-themed party is often decorated in the country's colors, red white and blue. Colored streamers can be hung up, for instance, and colored tablecloths can be used as well. Red, white, and blue balloons can also be strung about, and small American flags can also be used to decorate. Small flags can also be used as party favors.


Music is another important consideration when throwing an American-themed party. Patriotic music can be played for an Independence Day party. Rock 'n' roll and country music can also be played. The southern United States is also considered to be the home of jazz and blues music, so these types of music are also appropriate.

Entertainment is an important part of an American-themed party, since it will help keep guests from getting bored. Games like American football and baseball can be played outside, if the host has sufficient room. For those who don't want to play sports, these games can be watched on television instead. American-themed trivia or charades are also excellent games for both kids and adults.

Food at an American-themed party should be simple and abundant. An outdoor backyard BBQ is an excellent way to prepare food for this type of party. Hot dogs and hamburgers can be cooked on a grill, and foods like potato salad, corn on the cob, and watermelon can be served on the side. Ice cream and apple pie can be served for dessert.

Many hosts like to end an American-themed party, particularly a Fourth of July party, with a fireworks display. Depending on a host's budget and know how, along with the local laws in a particular area, this display can be rather large or quite small. Several sparklers are a nice touch at the end of any Independence Day party. They are relatively inexpensive, they are simple to operate, and no special permits are usually required.


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Post 4

@fBoyle-- Food really depends on what region of the United States you want to use in your theme. For example, you could do a Texas themed party and serve tacos, nachos, chili. This theme can also include things like cowboy hats.

Post 3

@fBoyle-- You could always roast a turkey and serve with sides like mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, mixed veggies or a salad with ranch dressing. Fried chicken or various sandwiches with potato chips and root beer would work as well.

For snacks, you can serve dips with vegetables and nachos. Jello, ice cream, cookies and cheesecake would all work for dessert. You could even get fancy and make root beer floats or banana splits. You could lay out the ingredients for banana splits and your guests could prepare their own.

If you are trying to keep things smaller and simpler, or just want an afternoon snack, doughnuts and coffee is a great idea.

Post 2

What other types of food can I serve at an American themed party? A barbecue won't be possible, I don't have a backyard.

Post 1

If one is throwing the party overseas, I'd suggest a 50s "Grease" -type theme. You know, malt shop, leather jackets, loafers, poodle skirts and ponytails. It's stereotyping, but most people really associate these images with America.

Play doo-wop, rockabilly and 50s and 60s pop music, serve burgers and hot dogs, along with ice cream and pie. Most people like 50s music and the sock hop atmosphere is always fun and informal.

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