What Are the Best Tips for Throwing a Jungle-Themed Party?

B. Miller

A jungle-themed party can be a great idea for children who are into animals, outdoors, or the rainforest. There are many ways to throw such a party, and it can be inexpensive and creative. A jungle-themed party offers lots of opportunities for creativity regarding the decor, the food served, and the games played; for instance, a jungle-themed cake can be made with the face of a tiger, or a sheet cake can be decorated with small plastic trees and jungle animals. Decor can be store bought or homemade, though it is pretty easy to make jungle vines, leaves, or even small trees with some streamers, construction paper, and cardboard tubes.

Vines, leaves and trees can be made out of construction paper for a jungle-themed party.
Vines, leaves and trees can be made out of construction paper for a jungle-themed party.

Many people begin the jungle-themed party with the invitations. "Passports" are a popular choice, which can easily be made by folding some construction paper in half, and writing the details on it. Some parents also suggest giving kids "stamps" in their passport when they arrive at the party or if they complete certain activities, like playing games.

Punch with slices of fruit floating in it will lend a party a tropical touch.
Punch with slices of fruit floating in it will lend a party a tropical touch.

The decor at a jungle-themed party can be simple as well. It may be possible to find pre-made jungle-themed decorations at party stores, but if not, there are a number of other options. Fabric stores can be a great place to find jungle-themed fabric, and a large piece can be purchased to use as a tablecloth, or as the backing for a game. Paper streamers and large rolls of construction paper are also inexpensive, and can be used to give the party a very festive appearance. Many people simply choose to create "vines" by cutting long strips of paper and then attaching homemade leaves to them.

The food at a jungle-themed party can be kept to the outdoor-travel idea; trail mix is a popular choice, but be sure no children have allergies to nuts. Gummi worms or "dirt," made from crumbled cookies and chocolate pudding, are great and fun choices that are well loved by kids. Fruit punch is popular; floating actual cut pieces of fruit in it, such as starfruit, can give it a nice tropical feel.

Games are also fun at a jungle-themed party. Many popular games can simply be adapted to the jungle theme, such as "pin the tail on the elephant," for example, rather than the more common "pin the tail on the donkey." Jungle charades are also a favorite, in which each child will have to act out a certain animal while the other kids try to guess what it is.

Some variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey can be played at a jungle-themed party.
Some variation of Pin the Tail on the Donkey can be played at a jungle-themed party.

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Maybe I took the easy way out, but when my twin boys wanted to have a jungle party, I decided what better place than the zoo.

Our zoo has an area where you can celebrate a birthday complete with some zoo demonstrations and refreshments.

The area is decorated in a jungle theme anyway, so this was the perfect solution for me!

This was one of the easiest birthday parties I ever had. Everyone had a good time and I didn't have to worry about the mess at my house.

We only had about 6 kids, so this was something that was really manageable. My boys still talk about the birthday party they had in the jungle at the zoo.


When my son had a jungle-themed party, it was a huge success. We sent out the invitations with a jungle theme so the kids would know what to expect.

As everyone was arriving, we had a place set up where they could create their own jungle costume. This was something as simple as letting them decorate their own animal headband.

Before the party I cut out different ears and animals parts that they would recognize so they could be whatever animal they wanted to be.

I had an inside game and an outside jungle game planned. For the inside game, I had index cards with pictures of different jungle animals. When a child drew a card, they got to act out the animal that was on the card. Once someone correctly guessed what it was, all the kids got to act out that particular animal.

For the outside game, I hid peanuts that were still in the shell. I told them they were to be like elephants and find as many peanuts as they could.

The food for a jungle party was easy. It included animal crackers and cupcakes that were decorated in different animal characters.


I have a friend who once threw a jungle themed party in the woods. The woods were in Missouri so they didn't look much like the jungle but they had decorated it really well to look particularly wild and overgrown. They also had a bunch of inflatable jungle animals like tigers and snakes that they spread around.

There was a big fire and a pig roast and lots of music and dancing. It was a lot of fun and a really cool idea. Most people think that having a party in the woods is theme enough. Why not go one step further?


I think that music is pretty key for a jungle themed party. The music you play should sound exotic and upbeat. It you just have standard top 40 fare or golden oldies it will seen out of step with your decorations and your guest's costumes.

I have had a few jungle themed parties and usually go for music with a lot of bass and rhythm. Sometimes this is world music, sometimes it is electronic stuff and sometimes it is hip hop. People are always dancing by the end. Don't neglect the music if you want to have a good party.


For my kids jungle themed party we actually hired an elephant trainer to bring his baby elephant to the party for rides. It was amazing and made our party the talk of the neighbourhood. We also got a couple of lemurs for a small petting zoo we had set up through a local company that does party planning.

One thing to consider when making a jungle themed party is to put together some really fun gift bags for the kids. We got small burlap sacks and loaded them up with fruit shaped candies, pencils that looked like real tree branches and small stuffed jungle animals. Definitely a party worth remembering.


There is no reason that you can't have a jungle themed party as adults, in fact, it can be especially fun if you encourage costumes. We had a BBQ with a jungle theme and since we had a pool, making the whole area look like something out of Tarzan was quite the task but well worth it.

One of the best things we did was get food that had a very tropical feel and cocktails that went with our theme. Our guests loved drinking Hurricanes, Lime Lizards and Jungle Juice. Also, if you have the cash, you can even do something extreme like hire a local animal park to bring in some exotic guests. You can get an anaconda to show up, or even a gorgeous leopard.

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