What Are the Best Tips for Throwing a Candy-Themed Party?

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A candy-themed party can be a great experience for both young and old alike. Having a large display of brightly colored candy and using candy as decor is one of the best tips for throwing this type of party, and extending the theme into the invitations and party favors can also be a good idea. Another good tip is to center the party activities on candy, such as using these sweet treats for arts and crafts projects or prizes.

For most people, a candy-themed party is all about the decorations. One of the best tips for throwing a party is to set up a large, elaborate display of a variety of candy. You can do this with varying sizes of clear jars, bowls, or, if you are feeling especially creative, build a statue out of different types of candy. It can also be helpful to base the color scheme of your party on the type of candy that you will be featuring; in most cases, you can go with pastels or bold primary colors for streamers, balloons, plates, and other decor items. Another good tip for throwing a candy-themed party is to pay attention to small details: using lollipops as napkin holders and strings of candy in place of streamers can both be good ideas.


As with any themed party, the invitations should give potential guests a good idea as to what type of event they will be attending. Creating a candy-themed invitation is one of the best tips for throwing this type of party, whether you simply use bright colors and candy-terminology in the invitation wording, or use pictures or artwork of candy on the cards. For a creative and thoughtful touch, add a small piece of individually-wrapped candy to each invitation before sending it out, providing potential guests with a preview of the candy-themed party to come.

Unique party favors are one of the best ways to end a party, and candy-themed parties provide endless possibilities for this. One of the best, and easiest, tips for candy-themed party favors is to send guests home with a small bag or tub of treats. Adding colorful name cards to each bag can help to personalize the favor, and, in many cases, you can use your decor items to fill the favor bags or tubs. Provide guests with colorful, personalized buckets or baskets and, at the end of the party, let each guest select from the candy display table and other decorations for treats to take home.

Throughout the party, try to use candy in most, if not every, activity. You can use various colored candy for arts and crafts, from making jewelry to building small structures with glue and other items. Guessing games with jars full of candy or using it as prizes for different activities are also some good tips for throwing a fun and exciting candy-themed party.


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I think that every candy-themed party should feature pinatas filled with candy! This is a fun way to play upon the candy theme, and it's also very exciting for children to take turns at the pinata.

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I helped my sister decorate her daughter's high school gymnasium for her prom, which had a candy theme. Not only did we spread a variety of festive-colored candy on the tables, but we also decorated the walls with candy cut-outs and streamers.

Instead of vases filled with flowers as centerpieces, with placed glasses of lollipops on the tables. The room had a fun, colorful atmosphere that the students loved.

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