What Are the Best Tips for Thickening Eyebrows?

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Thickening eyebrows is typically a matter of determining the cause of sparse or thinning eyebrows, making recommended grooming and lifestyle changes, or using a cosmetic method to create the appearance of thick eyebrows. In some cases, an individual may be able to restore his or her eyebrows through a transplant procedure. When using cosmetic methods of thickening eyebrows, it is important to take steps to create a natural-looking eyebrow and to work with a brow specialist who can advise on the correct brow shape and thickening method to use.

Thin eyebrows can be caused by several factors. Some people have thin eyebrows due to the use of various hair-removal methods, such as plucking and waxing. Unfortunately, it may be impossible to fully regrow one's eyebrows after repeated plucking or waxing due to damaged hair follicles. Some people may have a genetic tendency to thin eyebrows, and many people find that their eyebrows thin as they grow older. On a more serious note, thinning eyebrows may be a symptom of a medical condition, such as hypothyroidism. Individuals who notice that they are losing eyebrow hair should speak to their doctor about their concerns.


Some people may find that thickening eyebrows is possible by simply not plucking or waxing their eyebrows for a while, allowing new hair to grow. During this time, a person may choose to use one of several different types of eyebrow cosmetics, such as a liquid or gel brow tint, an eyebrow pencil, or an eyebrow powder. Choosing the right cosmetic largely depends on how sparse an individual's eyebrows are. Many people find that eyebrow pencils are better for filling in sparse patches than they are for drawing on an entire brow. Choosing the right shade of brow tint or color is also important, as it not only complements the face, but can contribute to the look of thickening eyebrows.

In some cases, eyebrow hair will not regrow on its own. For those individuals, there are two alternatives for thickening eyebrows. The first is to engage the services of a permanent cosmetics professional who can use cosmetic tattooing to draw on or thicken eyebrows. The other option is go undergo an eyebrow restoration surgery, which is very similar to to a hair transplant. The first option is typically far less expensive and invasive than the second option, which must be performed by a licensed physician. A surgical eyebrow restoration has the advantage, however, of providing the most natural results, as the eyebrows are not inked on but consist of actual, growing hair.


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Post 3

@turkay1-- You can grow your eyebrows and make the hairs thicker with almond oil and coconut oil. Apply one of these to your eyebrows regularly. It takes several weeks to see affects but it's worth it.

Also, make sure you are eating a good diet and getting plenty of vitamin A, E and B. You might want to take a biotin supplement since biotin encourages hair growth and health. And drink plenty of water.

Post 2

@ankara-- I've been getting my eyebrows threaded for the past three years. Does this mean I will never have thick eyebrows again?

Post 1

Plucking and waxing are the worst things that one can do to eyebrows.

Twenty years ago, the trend was to have very thin eyebrows and women kept plucking and waxing to maintain the thin shape. Now the trend is to have thick natural eyebrows but none of the women who waxed their eyebrows regularly can grow out their eyebrows now.

For thick eyebrows, it's best to leave the natural shape of the brows and only remove the extra hairs that grow between the eyes and way below the brow. That's what I've been doing since high school and my brows are thick and perfectly full without any sparse areas. I get compliments on my eyebrows all the time.

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