What Are the Best Tips for Teaching Preschool?

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For those who plan on teaching preschool, either at home or in a classroom environment, it is essential to establish boundaries with the children. Children need to differentiate between what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Teaching preschool children how to be self-reliant by accomplishing tasks on their own is another important step. Having a wide array of reading material and interactive toys and games that are age appropriate can also help when teaching preschool children.

Perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of teaching preschool is setting a decent example for the children. Preschool-aged children learn from observing the actions of others and like to emulate adults. Teaching a child how to share, how to display good manners, and how to be patient are important for the preschool teacher.

Another tip for teaching preschoolers is never to make comparisons. Since each child is unique and will learn at his own pace, it's unrealistic and unfair to expect every child to progress at the same rate. That said, the preschool teacher should devote time to every child individually as much as possible.

It's also important to encourage the preschooler's creativity. This can be done by having them master their colors and learning their ABCs in a creative and fun way. Activities for teaching preschool children can involve art, music, or games, and every child should be encouraged to participate.


Organizing weekly themed lessons or activities can be fun and educational for preschoolers. For example, one week may be dedicated to learning how to tell time. The following week may focus on learning how to properly wash hands.

Teaching safety rules to preschoolers is a must. Maintaining a safe environment in the classroom or home should be top priority. Teaching the dangers of poisons and other household hazards also is important.

The preschool teacher should remember that teaching social skills is important to help a child develop. Helping the child learn what is unique about himself and why this makes him special can be a positive step. Learning to respect himself and develop self worth can make his school years more productive.

Planning outdoor activities for preschoolers, such as trips to the zoo and park, can be a learning experience as well. Field trips should not be reserved only for older students. Preschoolers love to go on day trips and this can be beneficial for them. When planning these events, parents should become involved in every way possible.


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Post 3

You know, the best tip I can give you for teacher preschool is to have fun with it.

I know that's easy advice to give, but it's something you should consciously choose to follow. The kids will always respond positively to someone who seems happy and in control. They feel safe when they can see you're right there with them, enjoying the same things you are.

And making it fun for them makes everything so much easier. I know my nephew had interest in learning to read until he discovered it was like a game. If he sounded out letters, the whole family would join in with him.

That's the kind of environment you want to create for your kids at school.

Post 2

If you must teach your children preschool, you need to make sure they are socialized properly. I have met a lot of homeschooled kids who have a lot of difficulty interacting with their peers. It can be crippling when they get older.

But even if you intend to send them to school when they are old enough, you won't do them any favors by not allowing them to interact with other children. The more they do so, the easier they'll find it when they start school.

Post 1

If you are teaching preschool at home, one of the most important things you can do is establish a routine. Hopefully, you've already got one with your child, but they need to be able to tell that "now we're in school time".

It is made more difficult, because if you are taking them out to preschool, they have an environment change to help them realize that it is time to learn now.

I think it helps to have a room of your house set aside as the study room. It will mostly have learning toys while your children are young, but can also serve as a study when they get older.

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