What Are the Best Tips for Teaching Children Spanish?

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One of the best tips for teaching children Spanish is to make the process of learning the language fun and exciting. Many children learn language well in an environment that is interactive and engaging. Some tips for teaching children Spanish include getting the children moving during the class, allowing them to touch and interact with the items they are learning the Spanish words for, and using music as part of the lesson.

Using music is a great method when teaching children Spanish. There are a number of songs written in Spanish that are designed to teach children simple vocabulary words. If the Spanish teacher is adept enough with the language, she can re-write the words to classic children's songs so that they are in Spanish.

Children can either sing the songs in Spanish to help cement the vocabulary or listen to the songs to hear how the words are pronounced and help them learn to identify the spoken or sung language. A teacher can print out a list of the important vocabulary words in the song so that students learn to recognize both how they are spelled and how they sound.


Another method for teaching children Spanish is to have them learn to associate Spanish vocabulary words with movements. Some people learn best when they move during the learning process. For example, when children learn the Spanish word to eat, comer, have them mimic chewing. When they learn the words for to stand and to sit, the children can stand and sit while saying the words.

Bringing in objects to illustrate the words they are learning is another tip for teaching children Spanish. Children will recall words better if they have an association for them or if the words are applicable to daily life. For example, when children are learning about the Spanish words for food, the teacher can bring in fruits and vegetables and have students handle the objects during the lesson.

A teacher can also combine using objects and music when teaching children Spanish. Students can sing along or listen to the songs and hold up the various objects when they are mentioned in the song. All three methods, music, movement and objects, can be incorporated into a single lesson.

Children also learn Spanish well when the language reaches beyond the bounds of the classroom. A teacher can encourage children to play simple games, such as "Mother May I" or other childhood games using the Spanish language. Simple, short picture books in Spanish can be read at home by the children.


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