What Are the Best Tips for Teaching Aerobics?

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Those interested in teaching aerobics should decide which aerobic activities they would like to focus on. It is essential to gain knowledge of the fundamentals of water aerobics, as well as dance, step, and sports aerobics. Anyone interested in becoming an aerobics instructor should inquire about reading materials that are necessary to prepare for certification. Some may consider teaching aerobics for children, seniors, or all age groups.

Many individuals with busy schedules prefer to take aerobics classes online. This option may help prepare for aerobics certification while saving time and money. In many cases, a prospective aerobics instructor can pay for an online class that will lead to instructor certification.

Before enrolling in any aerobics course, it is important to read the small print to determine what is being offered. Aerobics instructors should study aerobic techniques, injury prevention, proper hydration, and advanced first aid. For those who plan to teach independently, it is helpful to learn the fundamentals of operating a home-based aerobics business.

In addition to aerobics certification, it is helpful to receive certification in sports nutrition. Instructors should also consider obtaining personal trainer certification. Personal trainers who teach aerobics may earn a higher salary than an instructor who teaches a group.


It's a good idea to hold practice sessions before beginning professional instruction. Asking friends or family members to participate in an casual aerobics class can be good experience. This can also be helpful in spreading the word before a new instructor begins teaching aerobics professionally.

After becoming a qualified aerobics teacher or trainer, deciding where to hold instruction will be next. Renting a large fitness room or gymnasium may be an option, although it can be expensive. A garage or living room may work well for instructing a small group. Whether holding instruction in a gym or large room, a safe environment is essential. The room should be cleared of any objects that could cause falls or injuries while exercising.

Aerobics instructors need to provide more than instruction and knowledge. Although easily overlooked, choosing motivational music is equally important. Creating a custom mix of upbeat rhythms can be challenging and fun, as well as prevent boredom. In addition, compact discs (CDs) featuring aerobic music compilations are available at most sporting goods and music stores.


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