What Are the Best Tips for Styling Straight Hair with Bangs?

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To get straight, flat bangs, stylists often blow dry them while brushing them with a flat paddle brush. Bangs with more volume, on the other hand, are generally styled by brushing the bangs with while blow drying them. Piecey or choppy bangs can also be created by applying a small amount of lightweight styling gel to just the tips of the bangs. When styling straight hair with bangs, some individuals may also prefer to pull the bangs away from the face.

Before styling straight hair with bangs, the hair should first be clean. Hair should be shampooed and blotted dry with a towel. The back and sides of the hair can also be pulled back into an updo or half updo before styling the bangs.

Straight, flat bangs are a very popular style for straight hair with bangs. To achieve this look, most stylists generally use a flat paddle brush to brush the hair while it is being blow dried. The blow drier should be pointed down to avoid messy or frizzy bangs. A very small amount of shine serum or lightweight hair spray can also be sprayed onto the hair as well.


Individuals who prefer bangs with more volume should use a round brush when styling straight hair with bangs. The brush should be placed underneath the bangs and twirled while a blow drier is blowing warm air onto the hair. To get even more volume and to hold the hair in place, a volumizing hairspray can also be used.

To create an edgy look for straight hair with bangs, styling products can be used to create piecey bangs. When trying to create this look, a small amount of hair gel or mousse can be rubbed into the ends of the bangs. When creating this look, however, it is important to only use lightweight styling products, since heavy styling products can make the hair appear greasy and weighed down.

Since bangs can be uncomfortable on the forehead, some women prefer to pull them away from the face. Side swept bangs, for instance, are very popular. Individuals who wish to achieve this look, however, should have long bangs. The bangs should be swept to one side and pinned to the side of the head.

Bangs can also be pulled straight back for a modern hair style. To achieve this style, bangs are usually brushed straight back on top of the head. They can then be secured with a hair pin or clip.


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