What Are the Best Tips for Styling Long Bangs?

Andrea Cross

Long bangs are a popular hairstyle due to the number of looks that they can create. Many women also have longer bangs because they are in the process of growing out shorter cuts. Whether you are growing out your bangs or like the versatility that long bangs can offer, there are a number of ways and tips to style them, including side swept, blunt cut, and braided as well as vintage styles.

Long bangs can be styled into braids.
Long bangs can be styled into braids.

Side-swept long bangs should be longer than nose length. Part the bangs on the far side of the crown and then pull them in a sweep across the forehead to hang down the other side. This style adds length to round or small faces and looks especially good on layered hair. To get a smooth side sweep, dry the bangs in one large section with a round brush, pulling the hair away from the face and rolling it over the brush as it dries. If this is a style that you intend to wear often, this method also trains the bangs to that side.

Use wax to achieve a smooth, controlled look. To adapt this style for longer faces, try flicking out the ends of the bangs. You can do this with either a paddle brush while you are drying your hair or with a flat iron. The flicked-out style looks especially good with wavy or loosely curled hair. You can wear a side sweep with hair that is styled either up or down.

Straight, blunt-cut bangs are also a good choice for long bangs. This style works best on bangs that are just slightly longer than your eyebrows. The bangs should be straight, smooth, and shiny, so use a flat iron and a shine-enhancing product or smoothing serum. If your bangs are somewhat longer, you can still achieve this effect by side-sweeping your bangs and pinning them up on one side.

Long bangs can also be braided and pinned for a sophisticated look, a good choice of style that allows the rest of your hair to be somewhat more messy while still looking polished. Vintage styles are also good for long bangs that are nose length or longer. Rolled bangs, for example, provide a very classy, sophisticated look. Vintage styles can take a lot of time to do, however, especially if you are styling your hair yourself, so have a clear set of instructions, and give yourself lots of time.

Generally, if your hair is straight, then your bangs should be too. If you have wavy hair, then you can wear your bangs either straight or wavy. When your hair is in the growing-out stage and your bangs are just that little bit too long, a good tip is to backcomb your hair slightly at the roots, giving the hair a bit of a lift and making the bangs appear shorter. Likewise, if your hair is quite fine and flat, blow dry your bangs from the roots with a round brush, lifting them upward and forward to give the hair greater volume.

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