What Are the Best Tips for Styling Layered Straight Hair?

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Although there is no specific way to style layered straight hair, there are some tips that can help to showcase your haircut and make your locks appear full and healthy. Blow drying with a round brush can help to aid in creating volume and defining your layers, while using a texturizing cream can give your hair movement. To seal in shine, try using a straightening iron, and for a sleek look, flip the iron at the ends of your hair.

One of the best tips for styling layered straight hair is to use a round brush when blow drying. Start by drying your hair until it is barely damp with just your fingers, or let it air dry. Then, working in sections from the bottom of your hair up, use a round brush to lift the hair up and bend the ends. Do your best to work in sections that match up with your layers, flipping some under, to the side or up. This will help to give your hair definition, while pulling the roots of the hair up when blow drying will add volume. The finished result will typically be a layered straight hairstyle that flatters your face and makes your hair look healthy and full.


For many, one of the biggest drawbacks to having straight hair is the lack of definition at the ends; even with layers, straight hair can often seem like one long sheet. To rectify this problem, a good tip for styling layered straight hair is to run a very small amount of texturizing cream through the ends of your hair once you are done styling it. This will separate your locks, emphasize your layers, and give your entire style more dimension.

Even though your hair is already straight, that often doesn’t prevent it from becoming frizzy or unmanageable. Using a flat iron can help to seal the individual strands, making your layered straight hair style last through nearly any type of weather. If you do not want your hair to be perfectly straight, avoid running the flat iron over your ends.

For a sleek look that still enhances your layered straight hair cut, use your flat iron in the same manner that you would a large, round brush. About halfway down your hair, bend the flat iron under, upwards, or to the side so each section moves in a different direction. While this will not curl your hair, it will make it look shiny and smooth without being perfectly straight.


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