What are the Best Tips for Studying Medicine?

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The best tips for studying medicine, whether to become a doctor or other medical professional, include making information that must be memorized memorable in some way, such as by inventing a rhyme, but also being sure to maintain an understanding of important concepts. Keeping on top of the expected knowledge base will then usually allow medical students enough time to get extra help in a certain class or subject if needed. A passion for studying medicine, along with proper rest and effective time management skills, can help students keep themselves motivated and their minds sharp throughout tough medical classes.

Time management skills can be crucial in the study of medicine due to the vast amount of information that must be learned. One of the most effective study tips for medical courses is to review each day's work before going to bed. Doing this may take as little as ten minutes, yet it can make a big difference in the amount of needed information that a student retains. Setting aside an additional number of minutes earlier in the day can also be beneficial if it allows a chance to reread lesson material to get even more out of it during a second, or even third, reading.


Setting aside time for favorite activities such as sports, hobbies and social events on campus can help reduce stress which may counteract good study skills. The important thing when studying medicine is to not spend too much time on leisure activities, but a reasonable amount that will still allow for good grades and exam scores. Creating a workable schedule and maintaining a reasonable pace can result in an efficient, relaxed way of balancing all of the different aspects of university life as a medical student.

Rhyming medical terms may work for some people studying medicine to remember them. Reviewing these according to the different body systems can be another good study technique, although it's important for students to be able to identify a term when it's not mentioned in the context of the entire system. Leaving material for more than a day without having full knowledge of it shouldn't be done. Cramming information in all at once for exam study doesn't usually result in the best grade. It's best for medical students who are vague on a certain area to get help from an instructor or tutor as soon as possible to retain a sound knowledge of the course material.


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Post 2

I've never studied to be a doctor, but I have studied biological sciences. It is really hard to remember all the terms, particularly when they are just in a list, without seeming to have any connection to a real thing.

I noticed that people who knew a little bit of Latin tended to be better at learning some of the biological terms. Especially when the terms were a bit strange when translated.

But, I found it really useful to set the terms to music. Pick a song for each set, and you'll soon remember them well.

You might get in trouble for humming in your exams though!

Post 1

I lived in a dorm which had medical students and I think they would say the best tip is to not get into a relationship with anyone who isn't studying the same thing you are.

They honestly just didn't have time to sleep. And when they weren't studying, or sleeping, I know most of them just wanted to do something mindless, like play a computer game or read a book.

A few of them did manage to maintain friendships with people outside their study circles, but I'm not sure anyone managed to keep a relationship going.

It's a hard thing to live with, but you have got to be passionate about the work if you want to be a doctor.

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