What are the Best Tips for Studying Law?

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Every year, aspiring students enter law school with hopes of building a career in the legal profession. Studying law, however, is by no means an easy feat. To be a lawyer, one has to learn several things. Some of the best tips for studying law include: creating a time management plan, learning how to quickly read and understand legal literature, being persistent and getting enough rest.

Law students often find themselves overwhelmed with school activities, social engagements and other distractions. This leaves them with only a little time to study law. Having a time management plan will give a law student a means of allocating effort and using their time efficiently. Another method of time management is joining a study group with a fixed schedule as it helps create good study habits.

Most time studying law is spent reading and analyzing legal literature, and law books, case digests, and countless notes take up most of the reading load. As such, a good tip is to learn how to read and comprehend quickly. A good way of doing this is by familiarizing yourself with the structure and parlance of legal documents. Vital information is commonly located in certain parts of the document. Identifying where these are will generally help when skimming a document. Also, it becomes much easier to read law documents when one has a rich legal vocabulary. Learn to use legal dictionaries to get acquainted with law school jargon.


Sacrificing comprehension over reading speed is not advisable. Legal materials typically contain a significant amount of information, and unintentionally missing important information may prevent a law student from formulating a suitable argument.

One has to learn persistence to become a lawyer. Studying law is notoriously daunting, particularly during the first couple of years in law school. There will be times when a student will receive low grades or negative comments from a professor. Persistence builds character and helps preparing for the legal profession.

The value of a good rest period is probably one of the most underrated things in studying law. Stress and pressure from classes and upcoming examinations can accumulate and cause burn out if left unchecked. Occasionally taking a short break can clear the mind and replenish lost energy. This in turn, frequently results in better focus when returning to studying.

Getting adequate sleep, when possible, is very important. Sleep tends to be neglected amid the cramming and other school activities. Since proper sleep improves mood and cognitive function, getting a good night’s sleep is, in most cases, better than pulling an al- night review session. Adequate rest also allows a person to concentrate more on the task at hand, which can be crucial when answering complicated legal problems.


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