What are the Best Tips for Staying Fit?

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Staying fit is largely a matter of eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a healthy adult should engage in no less than two hours and thirty minutes of aerobic exercise weekly, ideally working hard enough to noticeably raise the heart rate. Muscle-strengthening exercises for the legs, arms and core should be performed at least twice weekly. Another essential part of staying fit is eating a healthy diet, usually based mostly on whole grains and other complex carbohydrates, and containing at least five daily servings of vegetables and fruit. Fish, lean meats, and low fat or fat-free dairy products can normally be included in a healthy diet, though sugars and fats usually aren't recommended.

Staying active may be one of the best ways to maintain physical fitness throughout life. The Centers for Disease Control believes that children should start exercising at the age of six, and that most children need at least one hour of aerobic activity each day. Children are usually advised to participate in calisthenics, which can strengthen muscles, at least three times a week, and to participate in aerobic exercises such as jumping rope at least three times a week.


Adults generally need about two and a half hours of moderately strenuous exercise per week. The more strenuous the exercise, the less exercise is generally needed. Adults performing very strenuous exercise, such as jogging, swimming or playing team sports, may need as little as 75 minutes of exercise per week. Adults are generally advised to perform muscle-strengthening exercises, such as calisthenics, yoga or weight-lifting, at least twice a week.

Staying fit usually also involves eating a healthy diet. Exercise alone often can't prevent the nutritional deficiencies that can occur if inappropriate foods are eaten, or if calorie intake is inadequate. Most adults need between 1,500 and 2,000 calories per day. Nutritional experts believe that most of these calories should come from whole grains, like rice, barley, and wheat. Beans and legumes can also form part of the basis of a healthy diet.

The consumption of vegetables and fruits can be key to staying fit, since vegetables and fruits contain many of the vitamins and minerals needed for good health. Most experts recommend the consumption of at least five servings of vegetables and fruits per day. Lean meats, fish and low-fat or fat-free dairy products can also be consumed as part of a healthy diet. Experts often advise minimizing the dietary intake of meats and dairy, due to their often high fat content, especially saturated fat. They may also advise eating fish sparingly, since it could contain mercury and other contaminants.


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Here's a tip for working towards physical fitness. Instead of driving around looking for a closer parking spot, find one that requires you to walk farther. Also, take the stairs instead of the elevator. These are small steps, but they add up over time.

Post 2

I read a story the other day about this man who had been walking over an hour to work each day. At the end of his work shift, he would walk back home. I forget how long he had been making these long walks, but they had been going on for several years, not a few months or a couple of days.

After hearing about his situation, someone or a large number of people set it up so the man could get a new car. Most people reading this story thought that this was a great thing for this man: Now after all of these years he will be able to get to work without all of that walking.

The first thought that came to my mind was I bet that man is in good shape. After all, walking that far every day has to be great for staying fit. I hope the new car doesn't end up being a curse rather than a blessing. I doubt he starts going to the gym to work out with that extra time he saves by driving. Then again, maybe that is exactly what he will do.

Post 1

I often hear people coming up with theories about why more and more people are getting the various types of cancer. Cancer wasn't always as widespread as it is today. A popular theory is that we are seeing more cancer cases because of all of the processed foods we eat. Some people blame the increase in cancer on technology and all of the various electronic machines we are exposed to.

There are a million theories, but I read the other day that poor physical health can be a reason that people are getting more diseases, including cancer. Maybe we are missing out on a really good way of fighting cancer and other diseases. Staying healthy may be the cure for what ails us in many cases. Once we learn how to stay fit we will definitely be better off.

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