What Are the Best Tips for Starting a Website?

Tara Barnett

Starting a website is usually relatively straightforward, but making a complex website that accomplishes certain business functions can be more difficult. The most complicated part of making a first website is designing the way the site will look and what functions it will fulfill. If the website is for professional purposes and a creator does not know at least the basics of web design, hiring a designer will likely be well worth the cost in the end. For a personal website, it may be better to experiment and allow the website to evolve with one's own skills. The most important tip to keep in mind when starting a website is that the site must fulfill the goals that a person sets out, but should fulfill only those goals in order to remain focused.

It is important to keep informational websites easy to navigate.
It is important to keep informational websites easy to navigate.

Planning is key to starting a website, even if someone has very little experience with the Internet. Once a person has figured out what the website is going to be for, it is much easier to figure out how to make the website meet that goal. For example, if someone is building a personal blog, then she can look into different blogging platforms or design a unique one. If the website is functioning as a store, then thinking about how the store will be organized before making any plans is important.

Learning website coding may be beneficial before starting a website.
Learning website coding may be beneficial before starting a website.

Certain website elements, like including a shopping cart or options to pay, can be added to a site quickly and safely by using tools from various well-established websites. Knowing which parts must be designed by others is sometimes difficult, but looking at other sites that perform similar functions to the website a person is attempting to start can be helpful. If starting a website on one's own proves too difficult, it is often better to hire a designer than have a non-functional site. In many cases, having a site that does not work is enough to turn customers off to a site permanently.

One of the most important tips to remember about informational websites and blogs is that they must be easy to navigate. No matter how attractive the design, if visitors cannot find the information they are looking for, they will not return. Popularity is not always the goal of a website, but when starting one that will be supported by ads, having many visitors is a major concern.

The best tips for starting a website may be different depending on the type of site, but one element always remains the same. A creator must learn to think of a website not as a print object, but as a dynamic, interactive place in which visitors act as well as read. Particularly for businesses, treating a website as a place rather than an object can be very effective when trying to come up with ways to draw visitors in. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that if something on a site proves ineffective, changes can always be made to the design.

When starting a website, ensure that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
When starting a website, ensure that it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

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Websites are making the computer more like TV. On my favorite sports website, I can now watch about any sporting event I want. I particularly like being able watch highlights, read box scores and watch feature reports.

Anyone considering creating a website should focus on giving the viewer choices because not everyone is looking for the same thing.


Has anyone noticed had much websites have changed? I used to click on to read articles. Now I click on to see pictures and watch videos. I am so disappointed when I see the headline for a story and then click and find I have to read an article instead of getting to watch a video.


As a writer, I find the last paragraph of the article helpful when it explains that a website needs to be dynamic rather than merely a place to read information.

My first websites, which I planned and created for myself, lacked flair in the area of design and usability. Basically, I had what probably seemed to the reader to be endless pages of information.

The Internet and websites are different animals and should not be approached in the same way as newspapers, magazines and books. A website maker must keep this in mind if she wants to attract and engage viewers.

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