What Are the Best Tips for Starting a Lawn Mowing Business?

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Some of the best tips for starting a lawn mowing business are those that recommend starting slowly and gradually adding equipment, services, and customers. An entrepreneur may also benefit from tips that recommend registering his business as required in his jurisdiction and running it in accordance with local laws. Tips that involve handling the collection of cash and keeping accurate income and expense records may prove helpful as well. Additionally, tips that recommend learning as much as possible about lawn care in order to better serve customers can be beneficial.

Starting out small and gradually building the business is one of the best tips for starting a lawn mowing business. By doing so, one can keep the initial monetary investment low and then gradually spend more money on the business as the customer base and incoming revenue increase. For example, a new business owner may do well to start out with a couple of basic push-type lawnmowers and then eventually move on to purchasing more varied and larger equipment as the business grows. In time, for instance, an owner may determine that he needs ride-on lawn mowers in addition to those he can push by hand. When just starting out with a few customers, however, this type of equipment likely won't be needed right away.


Another important tip for starting a lawn mowing business involves handling legal matters. To run a legitimate lawn mowing business, a business license and insurance likely will be required as well as an understanding of local laws that govern business operations. An entrepreneur will also need a method of tracking business expenses, keeping them separate from personal expenses; opening a separate bank account that is only for the business may be a wise choice. Additionally, invoice and receipt forms for requesting and collecting payments will be needed.

Tips regarding the collection of cash also can be helpful when starting a lawn mowing business. Many customers find it more convenient to pay in cash rather than writing checks. While it may be tempting to collect the cash and skip entering it into the income record, this is a poor choice. Such practices are illegal, as they are used by individuals who are hoping to avoid paying taxes on a portion of their incomes. Instead, receipts for cash payments should always be provided and copies should be included in the business accounting records.

When starting a lawn mowing business, tips that involve learning about lawn care can be beneficial as well. While it may be easy to simply cut the customers' grass, more value can be provided if one learns how to care for their lawns properly as well. For example, providing weed treatments and fertilizers in addition to lawn mowing might increase a business' value in the customers' eyes.


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The great aspect of a lawn mower business is that it takes so little to get started. I started a lawn service when I was in high school. My first customers were family members, friends of the family and people in my neighborhood.

For my first jobs I used the family mower and my biggest expense was gas for the mower. I wasn't making a fortune, but by the time I got ready to go off to college I had earned a considerable amount of money. What I learned from my business is that word of mouth is your best advertising and it can be your most negative advertising if you don't satisfy your customers.

Post 1

You should heed the warning in this article about reporting all your income from your lawn mowing business. Pocketing cash payments and not reporting the income on your taxes will give you more money to keep for yourself, but this practice is also devaluing your business.

If you ever need a business loan or you are attempting to sell your business then you want your records to show that you are making more money not less. All that cash that went unreported is not going to show up when you are being considered for a loan, and this makes your business less desirable for the lender. Also, records indicating a higher income will allow you to get car loans or a home mortgage.

So not only is reporting all income the legal thing to do, it is also often the most beneficial practice for you in the long run.

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