What are the Best Tips for Silk Flower Arranging?

N. Madison

There are numerous tips a person can use to make silk flower arranging projects a success. For example, some of the best tips are those that involve picking the right container for an arrangement. Some good tips also focus on choosing the appropriate Styrofoam™ and positioning flower stems in it. A person may also find beneficial tips that involve keeping the cost of silk flowers reasonable.

Moss can add texture to a flower arrangement.
Moss can add texture to a flower arrangement.

One important tip for silk flower arranging is to choose the container carefully. A cheap-looking container can detract from the overall look of an arrangement. Instead of selecting just any container, a person may do well to consider the reason for the arrangement and the room in which it will sit. By doing so, he can choose a container that is a good fit in terms of the material from which it is made and its color. It’s also important, however, to consider the color of the flowers he will include in the arrangement to make sure they will mesh well with the container.

Styrofoam helps hold silk flowers in place.
Styrofoam helps hold silk flowers in place.

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Another important tip for silk flower arranging involves the use of Styrofoam™ to seat the flowers in the container. Using Styrofoam™ is pretty standard for silk flower arranging, though a person may sometimes use other materials. An individual often can find Styrofoam™ in green instead of white, which is unlikely to look natural in an arrangement. He may do well, however, to purchase some dried moss to use in his arrangement as well. This performs two important purposes — it not only gives a silk flower arrangement a more natural look, but it can also make a design appear more finished.

Tips that involve poking the stems of flowers into Styrofoam™ to position them may also prove helpful. When an individual is positioning the flowers, for example, it is typically important to avoid moving the stems around too much at their bases. When a person does this, it can cause the holes he makes in the Styrofoam™ to become too large, which can weaken it and cause more movement of the flowers once they are arranged. To avoid excess movement, he may hold the part of the stem that is entering the Styrofoam™ with one hand and then use the other hand to gently guide the stem into the desired position.

Some of the best tips for silk flower arranging involve the cost of silk flowers. In many cases, the more realistic-looking silk flowers are also those that are the most expensive. If a person is working on a budget, he may consider purchasing silk flowers that include more than one flower per stem. This may help him to fill in his arrangement with fewer stems. He may even cut pieces that include multiple stems to make more than one flower. Additionally, he may find it beneficial to scour sales so that he can obtain the flowers he needs at lower prices.

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