What Are the Best Tips for Sign Making?

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When taking on a project involving sign making, it's important to have all the necessary supplies and tools on hand. Preparing a draft with the use of computers will require a quality software program. Investing in a good quality inkjet printer can also be helpful for sign making. When creating any type of sign, borders can add a nice touch and grab attention as well. Experimenting with color combinations to achieve an effective, easy-to-read display also is helpful.

Starting with a good quality vinyl cutter will make the sign making process easier. A vinyl cutter will be useful for creating templates, graphics, and banners. It's important to choose an easy-to-use vinyl cutter that offers precision cutting and speed.

Choosing the best type of vinyl for sign making is equally important. Selecting vinyl or film from a reputable company that has been in the business for a long time is a good idea. The vinyl for sign making projects should resist scratches and wear and tear, yet be durable enough to withstand handling and paint masking tasks. The vinyl should not be rigid, however, because it will need to have elasticity. A pastel color or solid white often works well for most sign making projects, especially in contrast with dark bold lettering.


Trimmer cutters used for sign making should be made with safety lock blades. Rubberized grips will help reduce wrist strain when working for long periods of time. Squeegees are another handy device to have on hand for removing air bubbles that tend to accumulate on the vinyl.

Making wooden signs will require good quality dry lumber from a lumber supply company. The wood used for sign making should not be chipped or uneven. If the sign will be used outdoors, it is advisable to use sturdy wood to resist damage from the elements, as well as a good quality stain to help resist peeling.

For those who are new to the art of sign making, books on the subject can be a valuable tool. Many can be ordered online, or borrowed from a public library. It's best to read several books that include information on lettering and fonts, as well as guidelines for obtaining the best equipment.


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