What Are the Best Tips for Shower Remodeling?

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Shower remodeling can be a difficult task to execute skillfully, and if the homeowner is inexperienced, he or she may want to consider leaving the project to professionals. If the homeowner wants to do the project himself, he or she should start by determining a budget for the project and then performing an assessment of what the project will do for the home's value. A poorly remodeled shower can reduce the home's worth, and a well-installed shower can improve the home's value. It is important to do shower remodeling with parts and shower units that are comparable to or better than those that already exist in the bathroom.

When choosing a replacement shower or fixtures for shower remodeling, try to choose ones that are of similar or better quality than the units you are replacing. This will prevent the project from hurting the resale value of the home and will ensure the fixtures and shower function properly. If possible, do not relocate any of the plumbing, as this can add significant cost to the project and can lead to unforeseen complications in the project. If you must relocate plumbing, try to do so in such a way that plumbing is consolidated in one area; this will make future repairs easier and cheaper and will make the new install easier and cheaper as well.


While it may be tempting to buy new fixtures and shower for shower remodeling that are of a more outlandish style, it is best to stick with neutral colors and styles for the bathroom to ensure resale value of the home does not drop. If you do not intend to sell the home at any point, feel free to choose a brighter color or more outlandish style, but if the house will be on the market at any time in the future, consider shower remodeling that will appeal to a broad audience. Light colors such as white or eggshell are advisable.

It may also be tempting to completely redesign the layout of the bathroom, which is possible in some cases. If, however, the aim is to keep shower remodeling costs down, avoid moving or demolishing walls, and avoid moving electrical outlets, plumbing accesses, and other large features that are fixed in a wall. It is very often best to keep the remodeling process simple unless the homeowner's budget is large enough to accommodate complications or the services of professionals.


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