What Are the Best Tips for Shipping Cupcakes?

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It is usually recommended to freeze cupcakes before they are shipped. When shipping cupcakes, it is important to choose the fastest shipping option available, so they won't go bad before they reach their destination. To keep them from falling over, they can be placed in an inexpensive muffin tin. Small inverted cups can also be placed over the tops of the cupcakes, and a heavy piece of cardboard can be placed over the cups to hold them in place. Cupcakes can also be baked in small mason jars before being shipped.

Before shipping cupcakes, they should first be frozen. This will help prevent them from drying out or becoming stale. During shipping time, the cupcakes will thaw, and they will usually be fresh and ready for the recipient to eat.

When shipping cupcakes, one should choose the fastest shipping method possible. Overnight or two-day shipping is usually best. Although fast shipping options are typically more expensive, they can also help prevent the cupcakes from becoming stale.

An inexpensive muffin tin can be used to send several cupcakes at one time. Cupcakes can even be baked and frosted while in the tins. The foil wrappers of the cupcakes can be secured to the bottoms of the individual compartments of the tin with glue or tape to help hold them in place. The muffin tin can then be placed in a shipping box, on top of a layer of bubble wrap or packing peanuts.


There is always a chance that the frosting can become damaged when shipping cupcakes. To prevent this, the tops of the cupcakes can be covered with small inverted cups. Larger plastic cups can be cut down to size, if small cups are unavailable.

A sturdy piece of cardboard should then be cut to fit just inside the box. It can then be placed on top of the inverted cups. To hold the cardboard in place, the rest of the box can be filled with packing peanuts. The box can then be closed and secured with tape before being shipped.

Some individuals also prefer shipping cupcakes in small mason or canning jars. Since these glass jars are made to withstand high heat, the cupcakes can be baked in them. When baking cupcakes in the jars, enough room should be left in the jar for the frosting.

After they have cooled, the cupcakes can be frosted and decorated right in the jars. The jars should then be sealed and placed in the freezer before they are shipped. When shipping cupcakes in jars, the jars should be individually wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent breakage.


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