What Are the Best Tips for Shaving the Head?

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The clean-shaven head is a great look, as well as one of the best ways to deal with male pattern baldness. Without proper knowledge, however, shaving one’s own head can exacerbate existing scalp problems, cause cuts, or simply result in uneven coverage. Shaving the head requires using clippers before shaving, using the right razor, employing the proper shaving medium and having someone around to help. Following these tips can help ensure good results.

The first thing to do when shaving the head is to use clippers before shaving. Razors tend to get gummed up and lose their effectiveness when used in the absence of other cutting methods. Clippers, especially the type that come in men’s grooming kits, can get hair down to manageable levels before shaving. Those with longer hair may need to use multiple clipper settings in order to get hair to the ideal shaving length of about 1/8th of an inch (about 4 millimeters).

Another good tip for shaving the head is to use a new razor with multiple blades. Since they require less force to use, new razors reduce the likelihood of snags or cuts. Razors with two or three blades remove more hair with each stroke than single-bladed razors, which cuts down on friction and makes the shaving experience more comfortable. More is not always better, however. Some head-shaving enthusiasts have found that razors with four or five blades tend to get clogged with hair.


Good results when shaving the head also require using the right shaving medium. As a general rule, shaving oil is a better choice than shaving cream and a far better choice than soap. Few people have a totally smooth, even head surface, and the oil helps the razor slide around bumps or ridges more easily than shaving cream does. Oil also helps prevent the scalp from drying out, an important consideration for those who tend toward dry skin, itchy scalp, or dandruff.

Lastly, success in shaving the head often requires the assistance of another person. Most people find it extremely difficult to reach the back of their own heads, while not being able to see the area being shaved makes doing the whole head by oneself even more difficult. Having someone help do the back will prevent accidents and ensure even coverage, which will help keep the scalp healthy and attractive. Cuts to the head tend to bleed heavily and scar easily, and stray patches of hair spoil the look.


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