What Are the Best Tips for Shaving a Mustache?

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Shaving a mustache should begin with moistening the mustache with warm water and conditioner, to loosen the hair before shaving. The mustache should be trimmed before adding shaving cream. A high quality razor with multiple blades should be used to do the actual shaving. The razor is pulled gently over the skin in the opposite direction to the hair growth. To ensure that the skin stays smooth and free of razor burn, the skin should be rinsed and moisturized.

When shaving a mustache, the first step is to wet the hair with warm water before adding some hair conditioner. The conditioner should then be thoroughly rinsed out and the mustache allowed to dry. This will soften extremely thick hair and make it easier to shave.

The process of shaving a mustache should be gradual and not an attempt to remove the entire mustache at once. Instead, an electric shaver or scissors should be used to trim the mustache. If scissors are being used, the blades should be sharp. In the event that an electric shaver is used, the setting for the closest, smoothest shave should be chosen.

The next part of shaving a mustache involves adding shaving cream to the partially trimmed hair. Cream that contains moisturizers such as vitamin E are best. A moisturizer is essential for avoiding the feeling of razor burn after shaving.


Cheap plastic disposable razors should not be used for shaving a mustache. These razors are not particularly safe and generally tug at the skin when used, often resulting in cuts. Instead, a razor with several blades should be used for a smooth and safe shave.

For best results, the mustache should be shaved in the opposite direction from which the hair grows. It is best not to apply to much pressure to the skin. If a razor does not work effectively when minimal pressure is used, it is not sharp enough and should be replaced immediately. The razor should be rinsed after every stroke to ensure that hair does not become trapped between the blades, severely reducing the effectiveness of the razor.

Once the mustache is completely shaved, the entire area should be rinsed with warm water until all the shaving cream and loose hair are gone. Applying cold water afterwards soothes the skin and closes the pores, which is essential to reducing the instance of skin irritation. Moisturizing balm that is enriched with vitamin E can alleviate any potential discomfort after shaving.


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Post 3

@ysmina-- Yep, the hair conditioner that women use!

If you don't want to use it, you can use beard oil or a pre-shave moisturizer. It's really up to you. It depends on the mustache style you have. Shorter mustaches don't need a lot of moisturizer before shaving, but longer ones do.

Post 2

@ysmina-- I think it's possible to shave mustache with a straight razor because it's much sharper than the type of razors we use nowadays. A straight razor gets closer to the skin and removes hair more easily. But, it requires a lot of practice and if you don't get the technique right, you can get severe cuts. My dad used to shave with a straight razor so I grew up watching him shave with it.

Even if you don't use a straight razor, you should use a shaving brush with shaving cream instead of regular shaving foam. Most people underestimate the value of a good shaving brush. The brush doesn't only give you foam, it also softens skin and hair in the process. So if you use a shaving brush with a good shaving cream, you can skip the lotion or conditioner stage.

Post 1

I had never heard of using hair conditioner to soften facial hair before. Are we talking about the conditioner that women use in the shower?

I actually saw a film, where the man shaved his mustache off in a scene. He just used a blade to do it. How come I can't do it with a razor?

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