What Are the Best Tips for Selling Land?

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Some successful selling techniques for selling land include preparing all of the land information and documentation upfront, researching possible uses for the land and advertising close to home before launching a far-reaching marketing campaign. Selling land typically involves selling a piece of real estate that does not have a home or other type of building on it, so knowing what buyers want to purchase the land for will be useful in selling it.

Selling an empty plot of land can be difficult because it lacks some of the features and amenities that helps sell a more developed property. One of the first things a land seller should do is gather any documents they have on the property. Property documents include the most recent land survey, title or deed.

Second, review the survey to obtain some of the facts and figures that you will want to use as selling points for the land. This includes the square footage or acreage of the lot, the shape of the lot and anything that sits on the land. While the land may not have an actual building, the land may have other selling points for selling the land, such as a lake, pond, well or sewer system, trees, landscaping, a barn or other selling points. The seller should thoroughly research any zoning options the property may have.


Whether it is a piece of land in a rural area or one in an urban setting, the seller should talk to surrounding neighbors about purchasing the property before putting it up for sale. If in fact, the land seller can sell the land to one of the neighbors, it relieves him or her from having to put together a marketing plan to promote the selling of the land, and possibly paying a realtor's commission.

Selling land does not limit the seller to people already living in the immediate area. This means that a marketing plan should include techniques that reach people out of the immediate area. For example, if the land is in Florida, a resident of Massachusetts may be interested in purchasing the land so they can build a vacation or retirement home at a later date. Some of the best promotion and marketing options when it comes to selling land then tends to be on the Internet and in print publications that have a reach beyond the immediate area.


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