What Are the Best Tips for Selling Beanie Babies®?

N. Madison
N. Madison

Beanie Babies® are stuffed toys produced by a company called Ty Inc. Among the best tips for selling Beanie Babies® are those that recommend verifying that they are authentic before offering them. This may translate into more offers to buy as well as happier customers. A seller might also find tips for selling rare rather than common models helpful. Additionally, many of the best suggestions recommend researching average pricing before setting one's own prices in order to ensure a reasonable profit.

Sellers can check online auction prices to find Beanie Babies that are the same or similar to those they want to sell.
Sellers can check online auction prices to find Beanie Babies that are the same or similar to those they want to sell.

One of the best tips for selling Beanie Babies® is to start by verifying that they are authentic. A seller can check the tags on his Beanie Babies® to verify authenticity and check online to make sure the year on the tag matches the year the particular model was produced. He can also compare the appearance of the tag with those he sees on the Internet. For instance, the font on the tag should match the font on models produced in the same year. The colors on the tag should typically match as well, and being alert for misspellings can help prevent a seller from accidentally offering a model that is not authentic.

Generally speaking, a person will find selling Beanie Babies® that are rare easier than selling those that are common and easy to obtain. He may also notice a profit difference between those that are rare and those that are common — the rare models typically sell for much more. A person preparing to sell a limited-edition model usually will get more offers as well.

As far as pricing is concerned, some of the best tips for selling Beanie Babies® are those that involve researching pricing before selling. For instance, a seller can check online auctions and consignment websites to find Beanie Babies® that are the same or similar to those he wants to sell and use the prices he finds to set his own prices. In most cases, he will want to price his items competitively but ensure that he still can earn a sufficient profit.

Many tips for selling Beanie Babies® also focus on making sure the price one gets for his models makes selling worth it. If a person finds that the price he can get for the Beanie Babies® he owns is so little that he will won't profit after paying to list, package and ship them, he may do better to hold onto them. On the other hand, selling the toys as part of a collection may sometimes make selling more profitable.

N. Madison
N. Madison

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I see a lot of people selling beanie babies at flea markets. This actually seems like a pretty bad way to sell them. Beanie babies are not nearly as popular as they used to be and at any given flea market you are only going to have a handful of customers who are really interested in buying them. Those buyers are probably not interested in buying the rarer or more high dollar babies.

It is much easier and more lucrative to sell online. You are not limited by the market available in your geography. You can sell to the entire world.

Ebay is a great place to buy and sell Beanie babies. It is probably the largest online marketplace for them already.

Any search for Beanie Babies will yield hundreds of results. Some people are selling entire collections and others are selling only one or two rare pieces. Some people want too much and others don't realize the value of what they are trying to sell.

If you are interested in selling on there, take a week or two to familiarize yourself with what is currently available. With collector's items it is not what it is worth, it is what someone will pay for it. Analyze who is buying what pieces for what prices and then act accordingly.


The best tip for selling beanie babies might be to just sit on them for another 20 years. I have been out of the beanie baby market for a few years now but when I got out it was definitely in decline. There was not the initial wave of excitement that many collectors felt and there were simply not as many buyers as there used to be.

But as time goes on and collections thin out and people become more and more sentimental about them the prices will surely rise. A smart investor might do themselves a favor by simply being patient.

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